School Introduction Letter of Template

A new school has been set up in your locality. As a responsible member of the community, you may have to introduce the school to the residents of your locality. You should write this letter in a formal tone.

The location of the school should invariably be mentioned. If the school has some sort of specialty then it may be mentioned in this letter. To write such a letter you may follow the templates written below.

Letter Template: 1







Dear [Recipient Name]

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I am (mention your name) from (mention place name). Currently, I’m pursuing +2 from (mention school name) at (mention place).

My parents are employed in [mention their jobs].

My attitude, self-motivation power, and reasonable discipline are my strengths. These qualities make me stand out from the crowd. I believe in perfection and am sure that the tendency of being a perfectionist will lead me towards success in life. I am a good team player as well as have a good ability to lead the team.

I am adjustable to any kind of environment. I am a good listener fast learner. My weakness is I cannot tolerate any lenity in work

My ideal goal is, to want a platform where I can grow my career along with the organization’s growth like yours, I want to be one of the reasons for the success of the organization and I want to see your organization as a benchmark to other organizations. It was a great experience to study here at (mention school name). I get to learn so many new things here.

With the help of my esteemed teachers, I have developed my skills and knowledge so much that now I feel confident to see the future world. With the knowledge and power which I get here at (mention school name), I will surely achieve my dreams in the future. Thank you to every member of this institute to help me grow. 


[Sender name]

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