Sample Letter of Recognition – 6 Best Format Templates

Recognition letters are usually written when you want to appreciate someone’s efforts and work. You usually write what was so special about the work that it needs recognition. Recognition letters can be written to one individual or a group of people.

You can also write that you want to reward those who did the work. This motivates people to do better and also motivates others to do the best of their works.

Sample Letter of Recognition

Sample Letter of Recognition Sample 1

Dear “Full name”

for the benefit of the “organization-name” the executives, I wish to expand our gratefulness for the astonishing work done by you on the last project. Your tirelessness, self-inspiration just as a commitment to consistently go the additional mile so as to accomplish the most ideal outcomes is extremely commendable. 

The supervisory group at [insert your organization’s name] know the measure of exertion that you put into your activity and we need to guarantee you that your endeavors are perceived. As an indication of our gratefulness, you will get a reward of  “Amount” to thank you for your difficult work and exertion. 

By and by, thank you to such an extent! We are fortunate to have you in our group. 





Sample Letter of Recognition Sample 2

Dear “Name”, 

Much obliged for the exertion you’ve placed in recent months to assist us with arranging and bring the two new designers installed. They’ve become gainful and contributing a lot quicker in view of the preparation and help you’ve accommodated them. This has turned out so well, actually, that we’re making the amigo framework a fundamental part by the way we carry every new worker into the organization later on. 

Will you take part in a conceptualizing and arranging meeting on Thursday so we would all be able to catch what functioned admirably and what needs improvement? I’m likewise welcoming the Human Resources staff, different workers who have been mates, and a few new representatives. The objective is to plan a procedure that we can embrace for welcoming new workers ready. Tell me and I’ll send a gathering notice. 

Once more, a debt of gratitude is in order for the entirety of your assistance to situate Rich and Bonnie. 

Warm respects, 

Full Name


Sample Letter of Recognition Sample 3

Dear “Full Name”, 

Much obliged to you such a great amount for going the additional mile with troublesome clients. Twice in the previous week, others have come to me and murmured regarding how capable you are at de-raising a troublesome circumstance. 

This is fantastically important expertise. Clients now and again have irrational requests and satisfying them while as yet following organization strategy implies proceeded with gainfulness for us. We value the exertion that you make to keep up an inspirational mentality in any event, when confronted with a difficult circumstance. It would be ideal if you keep doing awesome. 

Much obliged, 

Name of Senders


Sample Letter of Recognition Sample 4


The introduction you gave yesterday on the effect of new extra time guidelines in our assembling plant was a resonating achievement. In addition to the fact that you researched the subject completely, yet you additionally made the data intriguing and pertinent. 

I’d prefer to adjust your introduction to all divisions. Every division has one of a kind difficulties, yet the basic lawful ramifications are the equivalent. OK be eager to work with the division site heads to build up an exceptional introduction for every area? Steve will help set up the important gatherings. 

Your preparation is significant and will make this procedure smoother than we had anticipated. I anticipate your proceeded with the contribution in this execution. At last, we’d like you to do the introductions at every division, which will require some movement. 

I realize travel isn’t a piece of your typical set of working responsibilities, yet I don’t accept anybody will have the option to impart the data as plainly as you did. 

Much obliged for the entirety of your assistance, 

Full Name


Sample Letter of Recognition Sample 5

Dear “Full Name”, 

I needed to state thank you for the devotion and difficult work you’ve placed into your activity here at “Company Name” over the previous year. Regardless of what undertaking you’re handling, you continually carry significant understanding and inspiration to the assignment. 

I was especially dazzled with your work on the introduction for our business group that leads to a 12 percent expansion in their final quarter profit, which was twofold their anticipated development. Your introduction was an immediate impetus for this development. 

Your tender loving care and assurance to see the organization succeed and develop into a worldwide namesake is a colossal resource. You continually carry inspiration to the workplace that motivates the partners you regulate, and your experience in online business and retail carries a new viewpoint to our business. 

It has been a flat out joy having you in our group this previous year, and I anticipate watching you proceed to develop and exceed expectations as a piece of the “company name”. 



Sample Letter of Recognition Sample 6

Dear Professor 

For the benefit of the “Course Name” in Secondary Education, we might want to perceive and thank you for your significant help with our ongoing yearly gathering, held in “location”, in May of this current year. 

We particularly welcome that you gave uninhibitedly of your opportunity to collect and sort out the board on Demystifying the Major Search Engines. You might be intrigued to realize that the general meeting review results were extremely positive, especially with respect to the board conversation itself. We perceive that the commitment of that board was a key occasion at the gathering and will consider unmistakably along with the rundown of procedures which we will distribute one month from now. 

For your data, I have appended a couple of the remarks we got about your board from the review of meeting members. 

We believe that you making the most of your time at the meeting and we positively anticipate your cooperation in the following year’s occasion. 


Bradley Madison

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