Sample Letter of Appreciation for Support: 6 Templates

A letter of support can be written on various occasions, maybe when you are willing to financially support one or when you are willing to be a reference, or when you look forward to being a part of an event.

You must write about how it makes you happy to help them and what all can you bring with you. This support should always be voluntary and you must express gratitude.

Letter Template: 1

Sample Letter of Appreciation for Support

Dear Mr. “Full Name”

It is great to know that you are going to organize a 2 days workshop on “Topic Name” , I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in the same field and hence I feel I can help you by giving lectures. I am an active speaker at various events happening around the university and hence you can rely on me.

I support the cause behind this and hence would be very happy if you will make me a part of your event. I can also avail you of some online stuff related to this and students from our university would love to be part of such an initiative.
Looking forward to hearing from you and we are really happy that you are doing such amazing work.


Name of Sender

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Letter Template: 2

Sample Letter of Appreciation for Support

Hello “Full Name”

This is to tell you that I, “Full Name”, am a member of rotary club “Location Name”. I have got to know that “NGO Name” is organizing an event for the specially-abled kids and it will be my pleasure to be a part of it.

I would like to extend my support both financially and physically for this very special cause and hence would like to know more details of the program so that I can arrange things from my side as well. You will be glad to know that the rotary club also wants to be apart of this event as a sponsor and hence would like to make this a charity event by inviting a few famous personalities.

Let us get in touch so that we can discuss the details of event and come down to a roadmap to success.

Good karma! 

Undertaking TEACH 

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Letter Template: 3

Sample Letter of Appreciation for Support

Dear Director of Your Project/Organization: 

I compose in the interest of [partner association’s name] in support of the [your association’s name] proposition to the [funding agency] for an award to subsidize the [your undertaker’s name] to diminish wellbeing incongruities in the [your focus on network’s name].

We unequivocally support this award application and the emphasis on lessening wellbeing inconsistencies among [target population] by expanding the conveyance of proof-based intercessions. 

As an association which [here you request that the Partnering Organization please depict their progressing or past endeavors to diminish wellbeing inconsistencies, inclusion with the objective network, past associations with your organization].

Through this letter, we recognize explicit jobs and duties we will satisfy in this association. We anticipate working with you in taking out heath differences in our locale and accomplishing well-being value. 


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Letter Template: 4

Sample Letter of Appreciation for Support

Dear Sir 

I, Name of supporter, the teacher at “School Name” am composing this letter to you to request your support for a gift to the kid store in the area. Their endeavors have demonstrated help for these youngsters and making a little gift to their reason for kid government assistance will be viewed as very sort of you. 

Youngster Fund works for the turn of events and upliftment of oppressed offspring of the city and it does as such by gathering reserves and thanking them for the kids’ instruction, clinical offices, and character prepping. I would like you to consider this solicitation and support me in my undertaking to support this association. 

Expressing gratitude toward you 

Yours loyally, 

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Letter Template: 5

Sample Letter of Appreciation for Support

Regarded Sir, 

I, “Name of supporter”, team lead of “Organization Name”, am composing this letter to by and suggesting “Name of whom you are supporting” for the activity post of deals official at “Organization Name”. With this letter, I might want to bring to your thoughtful notification that I have known him throughout the previous 5 years and he has worked under my quick supervision with the most extreme genuineness and commitment. 

He was constantly refreshing for his understanding, consistency, and truthfulness towards his work. Every single through greetings work at “Company Name”, he has attempted to guarantee the achievement and development of the business division.

He is adaptable with regards to working with rotational movements, has great communicational aptitudes and critical thinking capacities, and has illustrative capacities to execute compelling deals, measures, and plans. 

I am sure that he would end up being a positive expansion to your regarded organization and I have no falterings in suggesting him for the said post. 

Expressing gratitude toward you. 


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Letter Template: 6

Letter of Support Template

Dear Sir, 

This is to educate you that I, Mr. Name, will be giving full money-related support to Miss. “Student Name”, who is an understudy of the first year, Bachelor’s Degree in commerce Roll No. 123 in your regarded school.

She has a place with a generally excellent yet poor family. She has made sure about excellent grades in her educational committees and is ready to concentrate further. Be that as it may, it is hard for her folks to proceed with her examination in a famous school like yours. She has immense enthusiasm for the “Subject” and needs to do her further examinations in this stream.

It is known to everybody that the absolute cost of the program in College Name is around $18000 every year. Along these lines, it is hard for her family to support her training. I, being settled in  London, have satisfactory finances to support such a splendid understudy like her. Encased please locate the monetary reports, Bank proclamation, and duty receipts of the last money-related year for your caring examination. 

I would be appreciative to you on the off chance that you mercifully permit me for the said subject and advise the Finance division regarding your College to hint me with respect to any money-related prerequisite identified with her further instruction. Saying thanks to you, 

Yours truly, 

Name of Supporter

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