Sample Character Reference Letter for Court: Templates

Judge is chosen on the basis of experience of judging and that follows with his quality of judging and also educational qualification. The judge can be a male or a female. The judge is not expected to be partial with anyone.

You will find the answer in this sample link for your queries to write down the reference letter for the judge. You are expected to know him properly and you need to justify your relation with the candidate. 

Letter Template: 1

Sample Character Reference Letter for Court


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Recipient name:

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Subject: Reference letter for judge

Dear (Sir/Madam) 

It is my pleasure to refer (Name) as a judge. I got a chance to know (him/her) judgmental quality (Mention how). 

I was particularly impressed by (his/her) ability to maintain judicial aloofness, judicial independence, and judicial temperament with humility. (His/her) the biggest strength is (his/her) ability to hear courteously, to answer wisely, to consider soberly, and to decide impartially, which makes (him/her) perfect as a judge.

(He/she) is admired for being open-minded, honest, knowledgeable, punctual, and also brave. (He/she) knows how to tackle critical situations. (He/she) never loses (his/her) calm even being criticized by others also. (He/she) has confidence in (his/her) decision and also knows how to stand with firmness on (his/her) decision.

(He/she) never did any partiality for anyone because, according to (him/her), merit is the main key point rather than knowing someone personally. (He/she) also has good communication skills, positive energy, common sense, patience, and positive motivation. That’s why I am referring (him/her) for a judge.

Any queries regarding this reference letter, you can contact me through phone (phone number) or the email (mail ID).

Thank you very much


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