Authorization Letter to Claim Salary: 4 Free Templates

Facing issues😟 while collecting salary💲 after working hard for days📆 is a very unfortunate event that can happen when the payroll is knocking on the door🚪. This is when the authorization letter✉️ of salary plays a vital role in smooth-running and formalizing the process of authorizing salary. 

It could include changes, bonuses, or other financial adjustments in stipends for employees.🧑‍💻 

To solve this issue, just write✍️ a letter that provides a clear and official record to help ensure clarity and accountability within organizations. 

What Should Be Written in a Salary Authorization Letter

A letter of salary🤑 authorization is a formal document that is issued by an organization to authorize changes in an employee’s paycheck.

This can comprise salary increases, bonuses, decreases, promotions, or adjustments based on performance evaluations, contractual agreements📢, or simply the collection of the payment on your behalf. 

Here is a list✅ of leads that should be in a well-composed salary authorization letter. 

  • When writing this kind of letter, make sure the header and date📅 are written correctly. 
  • The header should include the official letterhead of the company that you are working for, along with the date of issuance.
  • Address the recipient appropriately, which includes their full name with job title and department🏢. Confirm that it is error-free.
  • The subject could just be “Letter of Authorization for Salary”💷 or “Salary Authorization Letter,” but if you are writing anything else as the subject, then make sure that it is to the point and clear. 
  • Now comes the part of the body paragraph. Here, mention the reason and clarify the authorization statement to whom you are expecting💭 the changes and when and specify the adjustments. 
  • End the letter by expressing your concern for a quick response and reflecting your gratitude towards the reader for considering it and going through it. Sign📝 it if needed. 

Tips on How to Write a Salary Authorization Letter

Thinking about the way to prepare the letter📮? Proficiently crafting a salary💵 authorization letter is easy. You just have to remember some points☝️.

Here are some useful tips💡 on writing a well-engaged salary authorization letter. 

Formatting of the Letter

Format the letter with header and date. Be sure not to mess up the organization name or the department name you work👷 for. Address the authority appropriately and give a subject. 

In the body of the letter, mention if the salary is going to be received by someone else👤. Do state their name and detailed information like full name, job title, department, and bank🏦 details. 

Refrain from Using Demanding Tone

While writing this letter, maintain a tone that shows professionalism and not demanding. You may need this letter approved as soon as possible, but it is crucial to carry💼 a concise and polite tone throughout. 

Be Specific 

State your issues in a detailed but brief🤏 manner. Avoid unnecessary language and information. This might lead to the letter not being approved. Include issues, concerns, or adjustments if needed. Use clear and straightforward language to ensure that the recipient fully understands the content of the letter🖋️. 

Documentation and Retaining Copies

It is important to have retained copies📃 for both employers and employees for their records if needed. These letters serve as important documentation for salary💰 discussions, promotions, or any future references. Keeping a copy can help prevent misunderstandings. Also, ensure that both parties understand the importance and confidentiality. 

Proofread and Edit

Since this is a professional letter, try not to misspell anything and check✔️ for grammatical mistakes. Recheck the final draft before submitting the letter. Make sure that the information that is provided by you is completely correct, respectful🧏‍♀️, and concise. 

Template: 1

Salary Authorization Letter

[Name of sender]

[Designation of the respective person]


[Name of address]

Subject: letter of authorization for salary

Respected sir/madam,

This is to bring to your notice that I, [mention your name] authorizing [mention name of the person] to receive my salary for this month. I am writing this letter as a permit authorization letter for him/her.

My bank account is facing some issue and it will take around more than 1 month to get back to me. So, on behalf of me [mention holder name] will receive my salary in his/her bank account. He/she is a genuine person and a colleague of me. All the bank details and my bank related problem documents have been enclosed with this letter. kindly check the attachment for your reference. I would like to request you to grant this authorisation.

If any further queries are left, do let me know you can reach me at [mention phone number] or through an email [mention email address].

Thanking you


[Sender Name]

Salary Authorization Letter

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Letter Template: 2

Salary Authorization Letter


[ Mention the name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the date]

Sub- Authorization for salary.

Dear, [ mention the name of the recipient]

I [ mention your name] want to state that I am authorizing [ mention the name of the person] who will be receiving my salary in his bank account. I am writing this letter to grant my permission to him to receive my salary at the end of this month in his bank account.

As I am facing some issues with my bank account and it will take some time to be same as before therefore I am permitting [ mention the name of the person] who is my [ mention the relation] to receive my salary, there is no doubt in his sincerity, I am attaching the bank details of him and also the proof of the problem which I am facing with my Bank account. 

I am also stating that I will be responsible for anything after receiving the payment to my [ mention the relation] bank account. There will be no problem if you pay my salary in his account and if anything happens after the payment of my salary then I will take responsibility of the further consequences. Since I was unaware of this problem that is why I couldn’t able to tell you personally, hope you will understand my situation 

Hope you will understand my condition and all the necessary id proofs are also enclosed with this letter, you can have a look at them. I would be really grateful to you if you do this favor for me. If you have any queries regarding the same then kindly contact me through my contact details mentioned below. Hope you will cooperate with me. Thank you so much for your time.

With regards, [ mention the name of the sender]

[ Mention the designation]

[ Mention the address of the sender]

[ Mention the contact details of the sender]

Salary Authorization Letter

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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