Sad Goodbye to Boyfriend Letter Template

When you are in a certain relationship with a person for years, spending time with him, being with him, whether in happiness or sadness then that person becomes no less important to you than your own family.

But it might so happen that due to some unfortunate reason you have to take the decision of letting this relationship and him go. To make things easy for you I have written a sample goodbye letter, seeing it you will be able to write yours accordingly.

Letter Template: 1

Sad Goodbye to Boyfriend Letter

Dear [Insert the name of the receiver]

There’s something that I’ve always meant to tell you and talk to you about, but it’s not very easy for me to express it to you in person, which leads me to write this letter to you.

It’s been [ insert the number of years since the couple has been together] years that we have been together and it was a beautiful and equally emotional time. You have been a very understanding and important person in my life. You were someone who I could always rely on and the first person I could run to in any circumstance provided.

You have taught me to be patient. You have made me realize that even though life is not a bed of roses when you are with the people you love, the thorns on those roses do not matter.

As you know that we won’t be together in a few days, and that, things may not work as planned. We may not be able to see each other, we may not be able to talk as often as we did. But I want you to know that you will always be loved, be cared for, and there wouldn’t be anyone else who could ever take your place.

I hope that as you read this letter, you would be reminded of all the calms and storms that we shared, all the moments of laughter and tears that we had, and all the special moments that we would have in the fullness of time.

With love,

[ Insert the Name of the Sender]

 [ Insert contact details]

sad goodbye to boyfriend letter

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Template: 2

Farewell letters are written when people leave their jobs or move away from their homes. Sometimes you have to write a farewell letter for your boyfriend when you do not want to say goodbye to him.

In this heart-breaking situation, this letter template will help you. You must provide your name, home address and the name of your boyfriend in this letter. You should add the memories with him which you will never forget and how lucky you feel to have him as a boyfriend.

Farewell Letter to Boyfriend

[Mention sender name]


Dear (name of recipient)

When the time is not in our favor and the whole world seems falling because someone is leaving our side. I want to share my token of love with you by writing this letter. We never want to say goodbye to our love, someone with whom we have cried and laughed.

When the painful time comes to say goodbye to our love, it feels like losing a part of you, all you carry with you are the memories to live with for some duration.

I still remember the moment when we first met at__(place name) on__( date). Our relationship was the best part that happened to me. The way we used to visit places together was great and filled with lots of love and care. Living with you was a great feeling for me. You made me strong, you stayed beside me through my thick and thin.

And now, when it comes to saying you goodbye for__(mention duration) it already made a void in my life. You are a great partner, my love.

I would love to thank you for all the time that we spent together and the memories that we created. I wish you a great and fruitful future ahead. May you achieve all the success that you wished for.

Love you, my love. Meet me soon!

Yours lovingly

 (sender name)

farewell letter to boyfriend

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Letter Template: 3

Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend


Dear[ mention the name ]

I never thought a day like this would ever come where I have to say goodbye to that person with whom I wanted to spend my entire life. It’s really heartbreaking but necessary to take this step.

The man with whom I fell in love is not the same man today, I don’t know why you changed yourself. The person who used to make me happy and can do anything for me is now someone with whom I cannot be anymore. This relationship is not filled with love, care and good things now it has an ego, trust issues, and all the bad things.

I know we need to accept the bad things too to make every relationship work but a time comes when it becomes impossible for anyone to stay with that person and in our case also that time has come. I am full of regrets for neglecting all the red flags which you showed and making my life a living hell.

I still want to be with you but I just cannot because the way you make me feel is terrible and unforgettable. I know it’s hard to accept it but as it is not working so I guess it’s the right thing to do which is better for me and for you as well. 

We didn’t last long but I am sure our memories will. Now it’s your memories with whom I will be living. It’s so unfair when memories stay but people don’t. I wish we could spend our entire life together happily and the way we planned but after seeing everything it became so difficult to spend a single minute with you.  I hope that you will have a great life ahead. Goodbye to you and the worst life you made for me. Take care of yourself.

From [ mention the name of the sender]

goodbye letter to boyfriend

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Letter Template: 4

Emotional Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend


Dear [ mention the name ]

Saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I will be ever do but staying with you is not possible for me anymore. The thing you did to me is something which I can never have imagined in my life. I always planned for our future together and assumed all the problems but never thought a problem like this will end up with everything between us.

I can tolerate everything but can never tolerate cheating and all you did was cheated on me. At first, I thought it was my misunderstanding and thought that I should trust you even more but after finding out everything I was so devastated that I wasted my time, energy, and love on a person like you.

There’s just one thing I want to say that you could have told me before to end this relationship instead of cheating on me. And I hope you will not cheat on the girl you are now in a relationship with, just be real with yourself, your girl and your intentions and never break anyone’s heart. 

Our journey was meant to end like this and thank you for making me happy at least for a few days of my life. I still care about you but unfortunately, I cannot be with you because it is best for the three of us.

Whatever happens, I wish you to be happy in your coming life. We met, we enjoyed it and now we are ending this. It was a pleasure to spend a few days of my life with you. I never thought that the spark of our relationship would fade away like this and as everything is ending now so have a good life ahead. Our memories of beautiful moments will always stay with me. Goodbye and take care of yourself.

From, [ mention the name of the sender ]

emotional goodbye letter to boyfriend

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Letter Template: 5

Saddest Goodbye Letter to Boyfriend


Dear [ mention the name ]

From the day I met you, I thought that I found the right person and I was lucky to have you as my partner. You made me feel something special that nobody else ever did.

We spent a lot of time together and created beautiful memories together. But now all this is ending and I have my reasons to take this step. I hope after knowing them you will not try to contact me and this is what I expect from you. In the past few months, you really changed and showed me that version of you that I never wanted to see or to be with it.

The day you started doubting me I should have understood that day that you changed and this relationship is going to end but I thought that it was just a protective nature of you which in actuality was not.

You always loved me according to your mood in one moment I am your everything and in another moment you make me feel like we’re strangers. You made it difficult for me to trust you because every time I ask something you, your lies are always ready to answer me. 

It’s not that my love for you is finished but now I just don’t like you. You always showed red flags in each and every stage of this relationship but I am the foolish one who ignored them all just to stay with you the limit is crossed and now I neither want to spend my life with a person like you nor I want to face you anymore. Instead of giving me love, you gave me trust issues, self-doubt and immense sadness. 

Hope you will be happy in your coming life and still now I am praying for your happiness because my love for you is real and something pure. Goodbye and do me a favor to me by not contacting me anymore.

From, [ mention the name of the sender]

saddest goodbye letter to boyfriend

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