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A Retirement Farewell Speech Template

Firstly I wish to say a very good afternoon to my dear friends, respectable teachers, the other respectable members of our institution and of course our honorable Principal. Today, I have been asked to offer a speech on the special occasion of our respectable and beloved teacher Mr White’s retirement after his long service of more than 20 years. I feel honored to have been able to receive this great opportunity of my life.

Mr White has been a very hardworking and exceptionally talented teacher of our institution for more than twenty years. He had first come to work at our school as an English teacher. Throughout the years, his great teaching ability and dutiful attitude towards his students really surprised us.

During my second year as a teacher of this school, I had met with him for the first time as my senior colleague. It was after some days of our meeting when I realized what a talented and friendly teacher he is. For the most of my teaching life in this institution, he has supported and motivated me in many ways and thus leading me on the correct path of my new life.

His contribution and hard labor behind the success and achievements of his students is countless. He is very serious and dedicated in his work for those past 20 years. It was a great honor to have been able to get acquainted with him.

Mr (mention details), other than being a well skilled and responsible mentor, was also a dedicated and loyal, school staff. He used to take many leading and difficult roles for various school events throughout the entire year to retain the fame of our institution. On the time of his duty at the school, he had supported and contributed to many of our events and meetings of us teachers.

He has dedicated his precious time to his dear students, distributing his valuable knowledge and important life lessons to make his students a strong person. Many of the lessons of life given by him had helped our students to stay strong and fight confidently with the difficulties of their lives.

To me, Mr (mention the name) was more than just a colleague or my senior. He has inspired and motivated me to a great extent in life, thus becoming my friend, philosopher and guide. I owe a lot of success to his guidance and support throughout my entire career in this school. Right now, I would like to extend my sincerest of gratitude and lots of best wishes to Mr (mention the name) for being my mentor and my very good friend during my formative years. I hope a very happy life is waiting for him to treasure his beloved family members.

At last I will request him not to forget us and our institution and also to continue our friendship throughout our entire life.

Thank you everyone.

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