Resignation Letter Due to Family Problem: 6 Templates

Work-life balance is something that we all seek and sometimes in this search, we end up taking decisions like quitting an unexisting job and just taking care of our families.

So while you quit your job due to family reasons, you should mention that clearly in your resignation mail and if things are not very personal do brief your seniors about the same, maybe they can help you in the moment of crisis.

In this mail, you can also add that you can join them when things are sorted out in the future.

Template: 1

Resignation Letter Due to Family Problem

Dear [Recipient’s name]:

This is to confirm receipt and acceptance of your letter of resignation, received [DATE] for the position of job title in department name, which is to be effective [DATE].  [You will continue to receive your salary through your last day of employment.

Please accept my resignation, effective [insert your final day of work]. As you know, my family welcomed our second child last month. After my parental leave ends, I would prefer to stay home with my children and focus on the needs of my family.

Also Please accept this letter as my notice of resignation, effective [date]. Thank you for the opportunities you have provided me during my time with

the department.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name

resignation due to family problem

Template: 2

Immediate Resignation Letter Due to Family Problem

Respected Sir/Mam

This is to intimate you about my decision of leaving my current job due to certain family reasons.

I have been distracted lately in my work due to engagements in my family as my mother is suffering from a chronic illness. I would be required with her from now on as I want to spend the last few days with her.

I got very supportive teammates and manager and in the last few months, they proved to be an angel in disguise as they helped me in sharing the workload and I could manage to work flexibly.
It was a pleasure for me to work with such kind-hearted people and would definitely wish that our paths cross again in the future.

Your Typed Name

resignation due to family problem letter

Template: 3

Dear Sir/Mam,

I have been a [art of this esteemed organization for the last 5 years and the team here has become my second family. I feel grateful that in the era when people are jealous of each other’s success I got an opportunity to work in a place where people care for each other as well.

With this email, I want to notify you about my resignation due to certain family constraints at this moment and hence I will be shifting to my home town for an undefined period of time.
I would be resigning from today onwards and will be serving the defined notice period. I would request you to please let me know what will the exit procedure.


Full name
Your designation

resignation due to family problem letter template

Template: 4

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you about my decision that I will be resigning from my post of assistant video director as I will need to be at home for the next 3 months with my wife as she is just recovering from her miscarriage. I wish to be with her in this moment of loss and grief for both of us. 

In the 2 years that I have worked in the organization, I got to learn a lot from my team and manager and I wish to return back to the team if there will be any vacancy at that point fo time. You have been an overwhelming employer and I am obliged that at any point in time, I got the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team.

Kindly start my exit process as soon as possible as I wish to be relieved at the earliest. Kindly accept my request.

Full Name

family reason resignation letter

Template: 5

Respected Sir/Mam,

This is to inform you that I will be stepping down from my role as fashion producer at “Company Name. I feel grateful that I got an opportunity to work with people with diverse talents and the spirit to keep working until the goal is achieved. I have learned the spirit of teamwork here and I wish that I again become a part of such a team.

Currently, I have to choose between my family and work and hence I will be leaving the organization as soon as possible because my wife is 7 months pregnant with some complications and I need to be there in this critical moment. I do plan to get back to my career after all this is taken care of and hence would request kindly consider my candidature if any openings come in the future.

I would request you to waive off my notice period as my presence is required there with immediate effect.

Full name

resignation family problem letter

Template: 6

Respected Sir/Mam,

I would like to announce my resignation with this email.

There has been turmoil in my family life and hence I will have to take a break from my job for an undefined period of life. Losing two elders members of the family in just two months has come as a shock for my family and hence we would like to stay together in this moment of grief and hence will be temporarily shifting to my hometown.

Being a part of the team which supported me in my hard times was no less than the dream I have been privileged that I got to work with the sharpest mind of the nation. I started in a very junior position but as the work had impressed the management, I managed to get promoted twice in the past 4 years and I feel that I got the right platform to showcase my skills.
I would like to thank all of you for the constant support and trust and I wish all the best to the whole team.


Your Full Name

resignation family problem letter formate

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