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Increase Credit Limit Request Letter: 5 Templates

Any business or organization or individual functions on a credit basis. Most of the entities take and give an order on credit limit which reflects that the trader is provided some time by the institution to make the payment.

This will also assist the traders to schedule their financial transactions as per the credit limit was mentioned. Expansion of the Request letter for credit limit is written by the traders to the stakeholders to extend the credit limit so that they can do more business.

Here a few samples and tips are to increase the credit limit. this letter can be written to a supplier, customer, or even to a bank manager for expanding the credit limit.

Request Letter to Increase the Credit Limit

Template: 1


The bank manager,

XYZ bank,


Subject: request letter for increasing the bank credit limit.

Dear sir,

I have been using your bank credit card for a really long time and have always paid all bills on time. I also have been reported as a punctual account holder at the time of payments. Now, on the basis of these documents, I would like to request you to increase my credit card limit up to Rs. XXXXX.

I got my new job at ABC and joined recently, which demands me to travel more than before quite frequently. My travel allowances are typically sponsored by my organization so there is no apprehension about the payments of bills if I custom a credit card for the purpose.

The payment is refunded by my organization only after the trip is completed and I listed all the statements of expenditure. Therefore need a greater amount accessible from my credit card.

As you can check my records, I have been extensively using my credit card while traveling, I almost end up exhausting my limit and it is a kind of issue as I am not really comfortable in traveling with cash. Hence I would request you to kindly increase my credit limit and I would be paying the bills on time.

I have submitted the documents required for an increase in the credit card limit. I would be grateful if my request could be processed faster.

Template: 2

Dear sir,

This is to kind information to you that I was issued a credit card from your bank and I was using it continuously and amazed to have great facilities but there is one problem what I felt about the credit card system that it is not mapped with the applied charge for credit card and credit limits.

I searched for many credit facilities related to other banking institutions and found them more flexible in applied charge and credit facilities. I have expanded my business plant and need more credit services. Therefore, I am demanding a reasonable favor to expand credit limits. 

So, by keeping all points, I am listing and attaching all required documents. And I would really praise all team members if you approve my application to expand credit card limits.

Thank you
sincerely and Regards,


Template: 3


The bank manager,

Date: _____________

Subject: Sample letter to bank for Credit card limit increase 

Dear Robinson,

I am a customer of the credit card of state bank of India since 2014. At the initial time of my banking transaction, my credit limit was INR 36000 per month. With my transaction record, it is clearly observed that I couldn’t reach my credit line till the time. But recently, due to my trading enlargement, I need to ask for an increment in credit line up to 60000 for my personal account XXXXX.

The interest on your credit card is economical than the interest on other cards thus it makes logical for me to raise my credit limit rather than getting issued another card. Because of such a good experience with your card, I would love to continue your card services. You can always check my bills and accounts to take care of the validity and reliability of my card.

It is my personal request to you to please evaluate my account and approve this request? If you have any doubt related to my card or transactions, please contact me at 9XXXXXXXX. I can be available anytime or can send any official mail at [email protected].




Template: 4

Hello Sir,

Sub: Requesting letter for enhancement of credit limit

Dear Mr. Shearling,

First of all, I would like to express my gratefulness to your organization for having faith in us and undertaking business with us. It was one of the preferences for us to have business partners like you. Your credit limit and charges facility have significantly assisted us in making our financial transactions smoother.

Our commodity sale has reported a significant rise because of the exclusive designs manufactured by our organization. I would be very thankful to you if you could increase the credit limit from 40 days to 60 days. This will benefit us in improving our business bonding and will also be useful to both organizations.

I am hoping to have a positive reply and to get a chance to improve our business partnership.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Jinny Thomson

Template: 5

Dear sir,

I would like to inform you that I am using your credit card facilities for my trading purpose for the last four years and I found it satisfactory.

Recently I expanded my trading is expanded got the opportunity to trade internationally. Therefore, I need to have more credit amounts to make transactions for my business. I know it will be quite chargeable to enhance that much amount of the credit line. But I am ready to pay the applied charges by the bank.

My past record of credit bills and payment shows regular and punctual reports. For asking this favor, I would request you to examine my all related documents and verify them properly. 

I am assuring you not to be an obstacle to the verification process and stabilizing reliable reports for my credit card facility.

Hence, this is my kind request to your team please act in favor to implement my request and increase my credit line. I would appreciate this favor.

Thanking You


RST Pvt Ltd.

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