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Refund Payment Letter Formats- 6 Sample Templates

At times we buy products or buy some services but then we either get a defected piece or service is not up to the mark and hence at that time we demand a refund from the company.

In the refund letter, you must write the date of the trade that happened and also what is the issue with the product or service and then mention by which way would you be accepting the payment.

Refund Payment Letter Formats

Refund Payment Letter Formats Sample 1

Dear Sir/Ma’am

This is in reference to the order of sales as placed by our organization Candy Chemicals, dated 12th February 2019. We want to bring to your attention that in the subsequent weeks after that the order has been canceled by our organization due to some undisclosable reasons.

The same has been informed to your accounts team by my previous letter dated 20th February 2019. There has been no communication from your side for refunding the amount that we should have received by now.

We haven’t yet received any notification nor did we receive any reply whatsoever from your accounts department, where I addressed a letter last week regarding this query.

A copy of that letter is attached to this one for your convenience as we need you to sanction and transfer our return amount so that we can settle that in our company accounts.


Refund Payment Letter Formats Sample 2

We insist on the refund of the advance amount paid by us while placing the order to be transferred as early as possible. The net amount of $100,000 as paid by Demand Draft no.555589 on date 12th February 2019 is to be kindly returned as the agreement for the same remains defunct.

Kindly arrange for the early payment of the refund amount as soon as possible from your side. Our organizations have been doing business with each other for years now and we expect your team to treat us in a better manner than this, not to mention your company’s impeccable market reputation.

All the communications in this regard should be addressed directly to the Manager, Sales Department, Candy Chemicals.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Parkerson


Refund Payment Letter Formats Sample 3

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your kind attention that we have recently purchased five laptops of Dell Inspiron Series from your store but we feel sorry to inform you that we are really disappointed with the quality of the same. 

These laptops were to be used by five of our new recruits and the poor quality of these products has hindered our team progress a lot. We have to manage somehow with the existing company-owned laptops on a sharing basis between team members and this has created a lot of ruckus at work.


Refund Payment Letter Formats Sample 4

We have gone through the product manual and charged the product as per the company instructions, but still, nothing worked out for these laptops. In spite of various positive reviews regarding the product we read online before the purchase, we are not satisfied with the same.

Therefore, we are returning the products and would request you to refund the amount to our company’s account at the earliest. I have attached the model number, the sales invoice copy and other details that you might need, at the end of this letter.

We have done business previously with your store and never received any such poor quality product ever and this is why we continue doing business with you. So, I kindly request you to please check the products before sale so that no such condition repeats itself in the future.

I hope you understand and would take quick action in this matter. We are, as of now, not interested in any replacement, but if we need anything else I’ll notify you.

Yours truly,

Rose Harper


Refund Payment Letter Formats Sample 5

To Mr. Sam Collins,

Massachusetts Bank,

449 Massachusetts Ave, 

Arlington, MA 02474, United States

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the refund of the payment made by our company to your organization. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Massachusetts Bank had issued a demand draft bearing instrument no. 2562 dated January 15th, 2018 in the name of BTC & Co for the purpose of business development. The amount for the same was then debited from our account with the same effect.

Unfortunately, we were not able to secure the bidding for the DD, hence the same demand draft is now returned back to our office yesterday, duly stamped and signature by the bidding company, which is enclosed along with this letter for your ready reference.


Refund Payment Letter Formats Sample 5

You are hereby kindly requested to accept the enclosed draft and kindly refund our amount to be credited to our company’s account.

We have been doing business with you for a long time now and this condition has come up for the second time now. Our team members contacted your bank officials regarding this via telephone, but no action was taken in this regard.

Hence I am writing this letter to you so that this can be done with immediate effect without any further delay in time, as a prompt action from your side will stop all the problems that can arise for our company if we delay this process any further.

Thanking you and with warm regards.

Truly yours,

Carter Fisher


Refund Payment Letter Formats Sample 6

Dear Sir, 

I am a student enrolled in the summer semester of California Technical University. I was enrolled in the History of America course that began on March 21st, 2019. This letter is to request a full refund for my tuition fee for the respective course of $235.

As per the refund policies of the university as mentioned in the University Student Manual, a full refund will be granted if the student withdraws from the course within five weeks from the start of the course. As you can see in the withdrawal slip that I have enclosed with this letter, I am well within that limit. 

The reason due to which I am forced to withdraw from this course is a car accident in which I met a week ago and I broke both my legs. I will be undergoing strict physical therapy for the next nine weeks, as advised by the doctors and will not be able to attend any class. 

Enclosed is a letter from my doctor, and all my medical reports, as well as a copy of the hospital records that will supposedly assist you in sanctioning this refund at the earliest. Thank you for your attention to my case, and I look forward to receiving a full refund soon.

If you have any query or need any further information, I can be reached at 553-153-4587 or at [email protected]


Francis Manor


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