Recommendation Letter for Work Visa- Sample Template

[Sender’s Name]

[Company Name]

[Job Title]

[Address, Zip Code]




[Recipient’s Name]

[Embassy Name]

[Job Title]

[Address, Zip Code]

Sub- Recommendation for a work visa.

Dear [Sir/Madam],

I am writing this letter to you recommending [Person’s Name] for a work visa to [Country Name].

[Person’s Name] being a part of our company I can vouch for that [He/She] is a person who is aware of [His/Her] duties and responsibilities. [He/She] has shown a strong character that has never compromised discipline throughout the years. [His/Her] sense of ethics has helped us serve our customers fairly.

[He/She] is a person of strong morale, and shown respect to the cultural diversities that exist in customers and colleagues of our company. [He/She] has worked for years with our offshore clients and we have received nothing but appraisal from them.

Being a company of a global footprint we know what responsibility it brings on us to recommend someone for a visa. With that in mind, we recommend [Person’s Name]  and reassure that [He/She] will abide by all the laws, pay respect to the cultural diversities, and will add value in foreign relationships in every situation. 


[Sender’s Name].

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