Recommendation Letter for Volunteer Work- Sample Template

[Sender’s Name]

[Company/Organization Name]

[Job Title [

[Address, Zip Code]




[Recipient’s Name]

[Organization Name]

[Job Title [

[Address, Zip Code]

Sub- Recommendation for volunteer work.

Dear [Sir/Madam],

I am writing this letter to recommend [Person’s Name] for the volunteer work in your organization. To recommend someone for volunteer work needs the person to be trustworthy and pose a certain amount of passion for the work and the first name that comes to my mind is [name of the person]. [Name of the person] has been staying close to our organization for the past [number of years]. And played a pivotal role in bringing many projects to reality.

As a person, [Person’s Name] [He/She] is very humble and honest, but when the team needed a leader [He/She] has stood out on many occasions. [His/Her]  attitude towards work not only drives [Him/Her]  to bring out the best in him but also motivates his other teammates as well.

It gives me immense pleasure to recommend a brilliant person like [Him/Her] to your organization. And I am certain that your organization will be benefited greatly from having [His/Her] service.


[Name of the Sender].

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