Veterinary Assistant Recommendation Letter template

Letter Template: 1

[Mention your Name]

[Job Title]

[Mention the Company Name]

[Address, Zip Code]

[Mention Phone No.]



[Mention the Addressee’s Name]

[Mention the Job Title]

[Mention the Company Name]

[Address, Zip Code]



Subject- Recommendation letter for Veterinary Assistant.

Dear [mention addressee’s Name],

I am (Mention your name), the manager of the department of (Mention the department) at our institution (Name of the institution), and my intention in writing this letter is to

recommend Mr. (Mention the name of the person) for the position of Veterinary Assistant at your institution (Name of the institution).

He has experience of (mention the details) years and has worked under my direct supervision. During his service at our department, his performance was really amazing and so, he impressed all of us very much.

He is very good at administering the medication process and preparing sick animals for surgery.

He can work as a very efficient assistant to a doctor in any critical situation. He is good at helping the technicians with the daily tasks of cleaning the surgical tools, sanitizing the equipment, and also handling all kinds of clerical jobs.

If you are in need of gathering more details about him, you can contact me through my number here (mention the phone number) at any time. I will be very happy if I can resolve all your concerns. You can also email me at (mention email id).

Thank you for your valuable time to read this recommendation letter and hope you will give him a chance to prove himself.

Thank you.


[Mention Your Name]

[Your signature].

recommendation letter for veterinary assistant

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