Recommendation Letter for a Teenager: 6 Templates 

Recommendation Recommendation Letter for a Teenager: 6 Templates 

Recommendation Letter for a Teenager: 6 Templates 

A teenager is someone who has just started their career and they might not have any professional experience but what they have is the energy that no age group can manage. While writing a recommendation letter for a teenager, you must mention about their attitude and their will to do a job. This makes them feel that they are going in the right direction.

How to write a good recommendation letter for a teenager-

  • Make sure you write things about their will and hard work
  • Write about how have they handled the projects and clients 
  • Talk about their degrees and extra co-curricular activities
  • You can also mention the duration they have worked for you.

Recommendation for a Teenager Letter & Email Samples

Sample 1


In the course of 2 years, I have had the pleasure to have ABC as my Assistant and in a very small age, he has flourished and polished in skills. In school, at work, and in her private life, I have seen him overcome every challenge in his job without any excuses and AFter seeing him working very hard in his age I have been inspired to work in any conditions.

Given these encounters and characteristics, it is obvious to me that ABC would do considerably more than anyone to play out the role of the assistant position; he would definitely additionally add to the spirit and development of the organization overall.

Along these lines, I truly trust that you will perceive the given quality of this individual and select ABC for the position of Assistant in your organization.



Sample 2

ABC has requested that write compose a letter from suggestion to go with her application to be a cashier at your store. ABC was 13 when her family moved nearby and she started filling in as our sitter. We saw her as extremely wonderful and dependable.

We generally had a sense of safety in leaving our youngsters in her consideration and the kids loved her. We keep on having a friendly relationship with her and her family. 

ABC is an amazing student and is a team cheerleader at XYZ school. From my perceptions, she socializes well with all people and among the children of the same age, she has high goals for her future. I accept she will work happily in any place and she will be an effective, reliable cashier. I am glad to suggest her without reservation as a cashier in your XYZ store.


Sample 3

We are very happy to recommend ABC as a guitar player for your restaurant.ABC is one of my favorite and skilled guitar players in my music class she has won many competitions and she is also a guitar player in her school. She is is an excellent student and she has done several performances in her school in which she has gathered many applauses by the audience along with the guitar skills she also has amazing singing qualities 

in my viewpoint, she is extremely good and with her ability socialize with anyone she will be a very good as a guitar player in your restaurant if you will give chance to her she will make a good impression on everyone and she will work hard at your restaurant as a guitar player.


Sample 4

It is my pleasure that you requested a suggestion for the vacancy of the mechanic at your garage. I am happy to write a letter of recommendation for ABC, a youngster whose assist has helped me through the years. I might want to suggest ABC for the post. His abilities in fixing vehicles very well. He worked in his early years under my direction and was carefully investigated by me.

I accept he will easily work through the whole assessment and handle each work assigned to him w with additional consideration. He is a talented youngster and a lovely individual. He has a very good personality. He can keep up a discussion of people who are

older than him and has a quality of facing every challenge as an experience. We give him our highest recommendation. I trust him as the best person for the garage as a mechanic.


sample 5

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for ABC, who has been taking care of my garden for the last two years. During that period he has cut, edged, and took care of my grass and flowers, and not only mine he also works in at least every house of this street with unfailing performance and efforts.

He was 14 when he began mowing his grandma’s yard nearby. It looked so great that I approached him to work for my garden also, as well. Individually he has worked in a large portion of the yards in the area to his worklist. 

He shows up before the expected time every Saturday every month and continues to edge the grass of his customers’ gardens. He at that point cuts the entirety of the yards and takes the weeds away. At every customer’s home, he inquires as to whether there is any advice for him to work according to that for that day.

I have told that he apply manure to my grass in the first week of every month and he has reliably done as what he is told. He has been extraordinarily thoughtful of our needs and is a dependable young boy who works hard. I confidently prescribe him to any work at your house


Sample 6

 I am a lot of satisfied to recommend the ABC for the vendor in your computer store. In school, at work, and in his private life, I have seen ABC overcoming challenge after test, inviting each understanding as an opportunity to develop and learn. Well as indicated by your qualifications, I think he is the ideal one. 

Given these qualities and characteristics, it is exceptionally obvious to me that ABC would do comparatively more than needed qualification of the position; he is a bit more overqualified for his age, with generally excellent information on PCs and software. All things taken along, I guess you will use most of his skils. His PC and software information is remarkable. He additionally took an entry-level position under my watch. 

I Expect that he will be a good resource for you and your store. I suggest ABC, who can make your store the best among the others.

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