Supply Chain Manager Recommendation Letter Template

If you want to recommend anyone for the position of supply chain manager in any company or organization, then you must have to write a recommendation letter to the company authority.

Here we have written some sample letters regarding this topic for your help. You can follow the below letters, while writing this letter you must have to mention his qualifications, skills, and experiences, and add some words to clear them why he is properly fit for this position. 

Template: 1

(Mention the sender’s name)

(Mention Job Title)

(Mention Company name)

(Mention Address, Zip Code)

(Mention the Contact No.)

(Mention Email ID)

(Mention the Date)

(Mention the recipient’s name)

(Mention the Job Title)

(Mention Organization’s name)

(Mention Address, Zip Code)

(Mention the Contact No.)

(Mention Email ID)

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Supply Chain Manager

Dear (recipient’ name),

It’s a great pleasure to recommend (mention the name of the candidate) for the position of supply chain manager in your company. I believe him to be best suited for this role.

I first met him while working as a trainee under my guidance in my company. Over the years, he has built a great reputation in our company and got promoted several times. He is extremely passionate at work, quick at learning, and a reliable person.

He is a well-educated person with a degree of (mention the name of the degree) from a reputed institution in our city. I have worked with him closely for over (mention no. of years).

He never hesitates to take over new challenges or duties assigned to him. On one such occasion, when we needed someone to temporarily fill the position of a person of a higher rank, he willingly volunteered without any hesitation.

He has all the required skills for the post including cost accounting skills, technical understanding, business ethics, understanding of e-business, and project management.

He can negotiate contracts with customers and suppliers, oversee product storage, handling, and distribution, plan and implement logistical strategy, and ensure that the targets are met.

I would highly recommend him for the post mentioned above as I believe he will do well in your company and prove to be a major asset. In case of any more doubts, please feel free to reach me at my no. or email ID.

Thanking you


(Your name)

supply chain manager recommendation letter

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