Restaurant HR Manager Recommendation Letter Template

A recommendation letter is one of the common letters in the professional world. The tone of such a letter shall be formal but polite. You shall elaborate on the qualities that set him apart from the rest and make him an apt candidate for the job.

It shall include his educational and professional qualifications, his on-the-job experience, and so on. You may also make your case by mentioning any important achievements of the person at his previous job. To write such a letter, follow our templates given below.

Template: 1

 (Mention the sender’ name)

(Job Title)

(Company name)

(Address, Zip Code)

(Contact No.)

(Email ID)


(Mention the recipient’ name)

(Job Title)

(Organization’ name)

(Address, Zip Code)

(Contact No.)

(Email ID)

Subject: Recommendation Letter for Restaurant Hr Manager

Dear (recipient’ name),

It gives me immense pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of (mention name of the candidate) for the post of the restaurant HR manager. In my opinion, he is the most appropriate candidate for this position.

I have known him for quite a few years since he first started working in our organization. He is a well-educated person who received his (mention the degree) from a reputed institution.

Keen observation and being meticulously set him apart from other candidates I believe. He has all the qualities of a good HR manager including hiring staff, maintaining important employee records like contracts and work permits, and managing the payroll.

While working for our organization, he not only gave an impeccable performance himself but also supervised the performance of other employees under him minutely.

He was able to successfully plan as well as manage attractive salaries, compensation, and other employee benefits to increase the chances of people applying to our organization.

We saw him ensuring that each and every restaurant employee is complying with the health and safety regulations of the hospitality industry.

He continued to deliver a terrific performance for (mention no. of years) and received recognition for that.

I can assure you that he will prove to be an added asset for your organization without giving you any chance to complain ever. If you seek any more information, then please feel free to reach us.

Thanking you


(Your name)

restaurant hr manager recommendation letter

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