National Youth Award Recommendation letter Template

Letter Template: 1

Organization’s name 



Sub: recommendation for the nominee for the national youth award 

Dear Sir, 

I am here to draw your attention to an extraordinary girl in her early 20s who has done a lot of commendable work in social work. The girl I am referring to is the best candidate for the national youth award.

The girl is very vocal in her thoughts and actions. She has won many state-level awards for her social work initiatives. The awards are given to her for her great dedication to her work and compassion. I would like to suggest her name to the nominees’ list for the national award for youth which is going to be held on (date). 

Along with this recommendation letter, please find a journal of her up-to-date work. She has an incredible list of social work initiatives in her town and other states. The work is not ignorable at all. She can be the best for inspiring other youths of the country too. I would request you to include her in the list of youths selected for the national youth award. 

She is striving to do more work in this regard in the future. I strongly recommend her name for the award ceremony. Kindly, look into the work she has done for everyone, especially the rural people. Thank you in advance. 


Senders ‘name 


recommendation letter for national youth award

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