Maintenance Mechanic Recommendation Letter Template

We are here to help you in the situation when you have to write some letters, or speeches for any purpose.

Now in the below sample letters, we have included the topic of the recommendation letter for maintenance mechanics. We have discussed all the points which you must have to mention in your letter.

Now just follow our below letters and complete your letter in a proper format. Here You must have to include the name of the person, his past working background, and skills.

Template: 1

[Mention your Name]

[Mention the Job Title]

[Mention the Company Name]

[Address, Zip Code]

[Mention the Phone]

[Mention the Email Id]

[Mention the Date]

[Mention Addressee’s Name]

[Mention the Job Title]

[Mention the Company Name]

[Address, Zip Code]

[Mention the Phone]

[Mention the Email]

Subject- Recommendation Letter for Maintenance Mechanic

Dear [mention addressee’s Name],

This letter is to recommend you a person who is fit for the job role of Maintenance Mechanic (name of the person) in your company (mention the name of the company).

He is very good at his work and gives attention to every detail. He has proven experience of about (mention the experience years) He has worked in my previous company for more than a year (mention the previous company) in the year (mention the year) due to which I know about him a lot.

He has a great understanding of hydraulics and mechanics, is familiar with hand tools and powers, has the ability to stand for very long hours, with he has all the required degrees and certificates (mention the degrees and certificates).

So I think you will be happy to have him in your company.

If you have any queries and doubts about him you can contact me at my other number that is (mention the company’s Number) as I will be happy to answer all your queries or you can even send me an email at my email id here (mention email id). 

Thank you for your respect and trust.


[Mention you’re Name].

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