Hostess Recommendation Letter Template

Writing a recommendation letter for the hostess, you must express the terms that are important for a recommendation letter, such as you must mention why the candidate is the best fit for the post of hostess in your company.

You also must mention the regular work of the candidate that he or she will be responsible for.

Lastly include some professional closing. Here you will find some templates on this topic which will surely help you to write your letter.

Template: 1

[Mention the name of the Sender]

[Mention the name of the Company of the Sender]


[Zip Code]


Phone Number:


Subject: Recommendation Letter for The Hostess

Dear [Mention the name of the Addressee]

This letter is to recommend [mention name of the person] for the post of Hostess. I would like to mention that I have personal experience with her expertise and is thus confident that my recommendation will be helpful for you. 

Ms [Mention the name of the Hostess] holds a background in hospitality and customer care and I feel she is appropriate for the job role she is applying at your company, thus I would take the immense pleasure in recommending Ms [mention the name of the hostess] at your company as she is very hardworking and always wears a smile that attracts the audience.

She has focused on personal integrity and works ethic as well as a passion for problem-solving. Ms [mention name of the hostess] is very determined and is available for all the task she has been assigned.

She never gives a chance of complaining about her duties and has always received the maximum amount of praise from the clients. She does work with a dedication that many of her colleagues and co-workers find it difficult to resonate.

If any further details are needed, kindly feel free to contact me at the above-mentioned number. 


[Mention the name of the sender].

hostess recommendation letter

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