General Manager Recommendation Letter Template

An existing employee of a company writes such a letter to his supervisor or the company Human Resources Manager recommending the name of a prospective candidate for a job opening at the organization.

In this letter, you have to mention the attributes and qualities of the candidate such as his or her educational qualification, past job experience, and his professional attitude. You must emphasize the qualities of that person that make him suitable for the job at hand.

You may also mention any relevant projects that the person has undertaken previously.

Template: 1

[Mention your name]

[Job title]

[Company name]

[Address, zip code]




[Addressee’s name]

[Job title]

[Company name]

[Address, zip code]



Subject- Recommendation Letter for General Manager

Dear [Mention Addressee’s Name]

I would like to write this recommendation letter for the position of General Manager in your company (mentioning the name of the company). I want to introduce you to (mention the name of person) who is best for this job profile for your company.

He/she has all the required educational qualifications for this job.

I would like to attach his/her education certificates with this letter. He/she is trained for a very long time and is an expert at this. He/she is a nice human being and owned with the commendable talent to do teamwork that really prospers any company growth.

As I have experience working with him/her for a long time, you can trust me from this perspective. He/she can manage any work smoothly and systematically.

So, on my behalf, I can put an assurance to recruiting him/her for this job profile.

I hope, you will go through the recommendation.

Without thinking twice, I will recommend him/her for your required job profile of general manager for your company.

If you need any details about him/her, you can surely contact me at my office number (mention the office number). You can also e-mail me at my email address (mention e-mail address) for your convenience. I would like to clarify any doubts.

You can also make direct contact with him/her at her email address (mention email address).

Thank you, hope it will help you.

Best wishes for your company

Thank you


[Your name]

general manager recommendation letter

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