Document Controller Recommendation Letter Template

Such a letter should be written in a formal tone. You should be polite and must not pressurize the hiring authority into hiring the candidate of your choice. You shall introduce the candidate of your choice to the hiring team.

You shall have to state the qualities of the candidate you are recommending including their qualifications, work experience, and relevant projects undertaken by him or her in the past. For writing such a letter follow our templates that shall help you in your endeavor.

Template: 1

[Mention your name]

[Job title]

[Company name]

[Address, zip code]




[Addressee’s name]

[Job title]

[Company name]

[Address, zip code]



Subject- Recommendation Letter for Document Controller

Dear [mention addressee’s name]

I am writing this letter for the recommendation of a document controller of your company [mention company name]. I want to introduce you to an amazing person [name of the person] who is fit for the job of document controller.

He/she has been involved in this job profile for a very long time.

He/she has all the required eligibility criteria to secure this job profile according to your company’s requirements. I want to also add that he/she has done expert training in this field.

As I have worked with him/her for a long time and that is why I can assure you about his/her efficiency, responsibility for doing this job. He/she is an amazing talent with a very attentive and professional personality. You can trust me in this regard.

If you have any queries about him/her, you can contact me at my office number (mention office number) as well as at my email address (mention email). You can also contact the person whom I recommend at his email address (mention his/her email address).

I hope you will go through it and take it seriously. I would like to thank you for asking me for recommendations. Hope  you will like it

Best wishes to your company.

Thank you


[Your name]

document controller recommendation letter

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