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Recommendation Letter for Contractor – 8 Template

A recommendation letter is a must when you want to expand in business. People trust the mouth of the word more than anything and hence to give the assurance to someone that you are good and capable, you need to showcase your track record and that can be done by the recommendation letter.

Usually, a recommendation letter can be through the owner of the business or their specified department, it should consist of words about goodwill and the quality of the project that was handed over. If you are in doubt what to write in the recommendation letter, find some examples below

Recommendation Letter for Contractor

Recommendation Letter for Contractor Sample 1


Subject: Contractor Recommendation Letter Format

To Whom It May Concern

This is to ensure that Den Construction having its office at Manhattan square is our (Sister organization), working with us from the last five years for common, mechanical and electrical works for our different media transmission ventures. 

Den Construction has a decent group of architects, engineers, and specialized labor everything being equal and plays out the work expertly and with the dedication to finish the predetermined undertaking’s assignments inside the booked time and to our customer fulfillment. 

We wish them each achievement in their future business and might want to have such associations with them again on our future up-coming undertakings. We would unequivocally prescribe them for any worldwide organization that is searching for acceptable contractors.

For and on behalf of,

Design Studios

Recommendation Letter for Contractor Sample 2

To Whom It May Concern, 

I am writing to suggest Tim and his organization Wilson Contracting for extra development administrations with future planned customers. I have had the delight of working straightforwardly with Mr. Tim on various activities previously and most as of late at the land venture situated in Massachusetts.

Wilson Contracting extent of work includes various metals works, carpentry, and general work. Wilson Contracting has delineated their scrupulousness, quality and security on various events. It is the approach of this organization to take a stab at the most noteworthy security gauges. Working securely requires a genuine responsibility by everybody inside the association including our subcontractors. Mr. Tim has met and surpassed our wellbeing program.

Planning inside the development business is commonly a work of art in itself and Mr. Tim has had the option to adequately meet undertaking plan necessities. He and his group have had the option to rapidly adjust to plan changes from different subcontractors so as to keep his timetable on schedule and lined up with the general task plan.

What’s more, Wilson Contracting has been particularly obliging when managing unanticipated conditions and potential change orders. If you don’t mind consider Wilson Contracting for your development administration needs. I prescribe them and anticipate working with them once more.

Recommendation Letter for Contractor Sample 3

Dear Mr. Cooper:

It gives me incredible delight to compose this recommendation in the interest of John Thomas. Since he left Nook Consultancies things have not been the equivalent. 

As a General Contractor, there is no better middle person for guaranteeing development ventures are continually running easily and at top. He is an extraordinary organizer and pioneer, ready to persuade everybody from subordinates to customers to follow his lead. This is on the grounds that John radiates a degree of information and ability that essentially moves trust.

I have watched in stunningness when Ð over and over. John persuaded a customer, designer or specialist to make a plunge and accomplish something they had been inflexible about holding off on doing until they met him. 

What I acknowledged most about him was his sharp capacity to find solutions. What he didn’t know off the highest point of his head, he knew precisely where to go. With him on location, my everyday tasks were consistently in acceptable hands. 

Trust me, you can’t find better than John Thomas.


Recommendation Letter for Contractor Sample 4

Henry Dow

To Whom It May Concern: I compose this letter in the recommendation to Mesh Builders as a general contractor. I had the joy of working with Mr. Anderson on the remodel of our main washroom and room suite in 2015. I can prescribe him exceptionally and without reservation. Over the span of the remodel, Mr. Anderson was a quintessential expert.

He was exact in his underlying appraisal of the scale and cost of our venture. He was totally clear in his record keeping and time log. He picked and dealt with the sub-contractors well. Our activity was finished with care and accuracy. He is a skilled woodcrafter and the custom cabinetry he structured and executed is exquisite.

Furthermore, he is amazingly spotless and clean in the work environment. He and his aide never left the worksite in disorder. They vacuumed all drywall dust day by day. Mr. Anderson took exceptional consideration to forestall any of the activity dust from trailing all through the house.

The main multifaceted nature in working with Mr. Anderson is that, as he himself will let you know, great work sets aside some effort to finish. Persistence is required when you work with a stickler.

Despite the fact that our venture set aside some effort to finish, I think we have a brilliant result and a masterpiece.

Yui Hien

Recommendation Letter for Contractor Sample 5

October 25, 2019, 

To whom it may concern: 

It is my pleasure to compose this spontaneous letter of recommendation for the benefit of Bob. Sway was the general contractor for a rebuilding venture on outside of my home in the fall of 2010. I had no earlier association with him, who was prescribed by a draftsman companion of mine. 

1. Nature of work performed. The nature of the work done was reliably first class. He utilized subcontractors who were educated, gifted, and able in their particular exchanges. They were upright about after venture determinations, and their work item seldom required improvement or amendment. 

2. Nature of workgroups. Other than one generally minor special case which Bob expeditiously tended to once I drew it out into the open, the laborers whom Bob used were proficient, solid, obliging, and conscious of the mortgage holder’s property and security. 

3. Trustworthiness and polished skill. All through the task, I was dazzled with Bob’s responsibility for creating a top-quality item, as opposed to augmenting his net revenue. At the point when circumstances emerged where additional work should have been done, Bob either dealt with it without charging me extra or included me in an educated basic leadership process that finished in a change request which was reasonable. 

All things considered, I am exceptionally satisfied with the last item which he was instrumental in conveying, and I am amazingly intrigued with his work as a general contractor. In reality, as we know it where trashy workmanship and poor assistance are lamentably very normal, Bob is without a doubt an uncommon find.

I have been a mortgage holder for more than 30 years, and I made this phenomenal stride of composing a spontaneous letter of recommendation for Bob since I accept that uncommon work ought to be perceived.


letter of recommendation for contractor

Template 1:


[Name of the recipient]


Subject: Contractor Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern

Respected sir/madam,

This is to inform you that, we, (mention the name of the company)are working with our branch (mention details of the organization), from the last (mention details) years for the works regarding (mention details) for our different ventures like (mention details). 

The (mention the name of the construction) has a decent group of efficient and experienced managers, and specialized labor to help us with all our works with powerful dedication and confidence to finish the predetermined undertaking’s assignments within the specified time period and to our utmost satisfaction of our customers. 

We wish them best wishes and good luck to complete each achievement successfully to help us in the future, in our future business we might want to have such associations with them again regarding our future undertakings. We would happily refer them for any big organization that is looking for efficient and reliable contractors.

For these reasons I am recommending this contractor to you for your future endeavors.

Thanking you,

With regards,

[Name of the sender]


[Name of the institution]




letter of recommendation for contractor


[Name of the recipient]


Subject: Contractor Recommendation Letter

To Whom It May Concern

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing this letter to suggest the organization (mention the name and details of the organization) for the works regarding (mention details) with future planned customers. I have had the opportunity of working with Mr. (mention name) and his organization on some important activities in the past and realized that he and his organization are very reliable and efficient to work with.

The works of (mention details) includes various works like (mention details), therefore they can help you with different types of problems. And this can also help you in pleasing your important customers with ease.

On behalf of my company (mention details), I wish them best wishes and good luck to complete each achievement with a greater success to help us in our future endeavors. And I hope that, in the future business we might want to have such associations with them again. For these reasons, I would happily refer them to you for any big responsibility, for which you are tirelessly looking for.

Hope you will consider my request.

Thanking you,


[Name of the sender]


[Name of the institution]

[Address of the institution]


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