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Subject: Recommendation for a content writer

Dear Sir/ Madam 

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for (name), who wants to start (his/ her) career as a content writer.

Content writers are those who produce content for websites. Content writing is the process of planning content than writing and editing it for websites.

The person whom I have recommended for this work is highly qualified and has previous experience in this job. (He/She) has excellent grammar skills as well as writing skills. (He/ She) has communicative skills also.

(He/ She) can use language to express (his/ her) thoughts and ideas through (his/ her) content. Creativity is also a part of (his/ her) character. (He/ She) has fluency and clarity. (He/ She) can work from home for online writing.

(He/ She) is very skillful to write blog posts, articles, and scripts. (He/ She) has also a solid understanding of SEO. (He/ She) has the ability of adapting content. (He/ She) is a hardworking fellow. I can’t deny that he will be an asset to your company.

Thank you very much


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recommendation letter for content writer

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