Computer Science Student Recommendation Letter Template

You must show the positive strength of the student and the details of why the computer science student is good when you are writing a recommendation letter for a computer science student. You can also provide specific examples and anecdotes.

Get to know more about the student by spending more time with him or her to understand their objectives or goals. These letter templates will be very useful for writing a recommendation letter on this particular topic.

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Subject: Recommendation Letter for Computer Science Student

Dear Sir/Madam

It gives me a lot of pleasure to recommend (name) to your institution as a computer science student. Ridiculously efficient is the term that comes to my mind first when I think about (him/her).

I have come across many brilliant students in my (mention period) teaching experience. (Name) is one of them, and I would place (him/her) in my top 5 list of students I have taught. (He/she) has been my student since (mention time).  

(He/she) can manage computers very well and in a quicker way. (He/she) is an inspiration to the other student for (his/her) hardworking quality and patience. (He/she) can handle the pressures of work.

I take pride in sharing that I have taught (him/her) software systems. For (him/her), the computer is like, “your time is in your one click.” (He/she) is a genius and ideal student.

(He/she) is an extraordinary student with (his/her) natural ability. (His/her) passion in computer science will help (him/her) to go a long way, and that’s why (name) comes under my heartfelt recommendation.

Thank you very much.


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computer science student recommendation letter

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