Chartered Account Recommendation letter Template

Letter Template: 1



Job position:

Institution name:


Addressee name:

Institution name:


Subject: Recommendation for chartered account

Dear Sir/ Madam 

It is my pleasure to recommend (name) to your institution as a chartered accountant. (He/she) wishes to continue (his/her) career as an accountant. (He/she) has worked under my supervision for (duration) years. I have only seen nothing but good things about (him/her). 

(He/she) always engages himself in work. (He/she) is very obedient and punctual. (He/she) has previous work experience and strong skills. Moreover, (he/she) has an immense interest in this work. (He/she) has the exceptional ability to learn things quickly.

Taking every task as a challenge is one of (his/her) characteristic features. (He/she) has a strong sense of dedication to (his/her) work. (He/she) has the power of problem-solving. (He/she) has a strong sense of responsibility.

(He/she) never misses a deadline. (He/she) performs all (his/her) tasks with commitment. (He/she) is very faithful. (He/she) is one of the outstanding humans in my life, whom I can believe blindly.

(His/her) communication skills help (him/her) to develop a good working relationship. (He/she) will be an invaluable asset to your institution. That’s why I am recommending (name) as an accountant for your institution. 

Thank you very much.


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recommendation letter for chartered accountant

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