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Subject: Recommendation for business school

Dear Sir/ Madam 

It is with utmost pleasure and enthusiasm, that I highly recommend (name) as an MBA aspirant for your institution. I have directly supervised (him/her) for (duration) years. (He/she) is interested in MBA, not only for professional purpose but also (he/she) has a great passion for it. When passion and intelligence will come under the same umbrella, then it will definitely take (him/her) to the success. (He/she) has a great creativity skill, analytical skill and has a strong sense of logic. (He/she) has the capability to think out of box, which are most wanted criteria for an MBA aspirant. Everybody becomes spell bound during (his/her) presentation in class. I was particularly impressed for (his/her) ability to solve a problem easily and (his/her) outstanding decision-making skills and communication skills. Other student used to get motivate by seeing (his/her) integrity and leadership skill. Self- awareness is one of the best qualities that (he/she) possess. (He/she) has the capacity to objectively assess (his/her) strengths and weakness. As you know, failure is the pillar of success; (he/she) always learnt from (his/her) mistakes and grows up beyond prior limitations. (He/she) also bears a good moral character and is disciplined and comes under my heartfelt recommendation.

Thank you very much.


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