Recommendation for Ph.D. From Guide letter Templates

If you are thinking about framing a good recommendation letter for someone for Ph.D. from a known and respected person, then make sure that you include in this letter why you think that person should receive such guidance, stating how capable he or she is and for how long you have known him or her.

You can also take references from this effective sample letter of mine if you want, as having a look at it, you will get an idea about how to frame yours effectively.

Letter Template: 1




[University name]


Subject: Recommendation letter for Ph.D. from the guide

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am (mention your name) from (mention your university name) writing this letter to recommend [candidate name]. He/ She is a great student of our university. I have been working with him/her for the last (mention years), and I know him/her very well.

He/ She works very well with great knowledge [mention subject name] in our university. He/she is very punctual and abides by all the rules and regulations of our institution.

Knowing how efficient and energetic he/she is in her studies and other related research works, I recommend him/her for the Ph.D. from your esteemed institution. He/she has been an asset to us, and we are sure that he/she will prove to be the same for you.

I have given [Name] a project that I believe he/she can handle very well. I would be very happy if you selected him/her. I’m sure you will never get disappointed. I know he/she will become a very good scholar.

Thank you


[Sender Name]

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