101+ Funny Pumpkin Puns for Scary Laugh

A pumpkin is a big chubby orange-yellow colored vegetable or fruit with thick skin. The flesh of pumpkin can be used for making savory or sweet dishes. Also, pumpkins can be used to make a jack o’ lantern on Halloween. Share some pumpkin puns with your friends to have a good laugh. Given below is a list of some funny pumpkin puns. 

Pumpkin Puns

  • It causes me to remember a coffee drink made with pumpkin pie spice whenever I think of you.
  • What thing do you earn after dropping a pumpkin?
  • Squash.
  • I am the king of puns.
  • Come on let’s pumpkin flavor items up.
pumpkin puns
  • How do you fix a destroyed pumpkin lantern?
  • With a pumpkin plant area.
  • The only thing I have for you is pies.
  • I adore you a latte.
  • There is a hollowness inside me.
  • Let’s make some entertainment.
  • Wow, you have very welldeveloped physics.
  • What do you name a fashionable ghost?
  • Faboolous.
  • Do something with a grand purpose or gourd back to your place.
  • Because Halloween doesn’t come often.
  • Pumpkin flavor and everything delightful.
  • Offer them pumpkin to discuss about.
  • How do you welcome your guests?
  • Welcome, GourdGeous.
  • Bone to have a fierce personality.
  • Lets have a little experience of getting smashed.
  • Creep it actual.
best pumpkin puns
  • How do you amaze someone with a delightful message?
  • Hi, bootiful.
  • How is your life going?
  • You will never be ghosted by me.
  • The reason for my presence is the boss.
  • Trouble it, when you have obtained it.
  • Existence is gourd until the season of pumpkin is here.
  • Fondness at first bite.
  • Move the booty of yours.
  • Pumpkin flavor and relax.
  • Pumpkin spice is loved by me a latte.
  • Decieve or celebrate with yo’self.
  • Do not chai to converse with me.
  • The pumpkin flavor of my latte is you.
  • I can’t be able to stop myself from thinking about you a latte.
  • The only thing I have for you is pie.
  • Pie love dedicates the time to you.
  • The only individual who will be my boo forever is you.
  • Have a meal, drink and be frightened.
  • Lets create some entertainment this October.
  • Wish you a delightful hallowween.
  • Wish you a gourd evening on Halloween.
  • My Gourd, fall is loved by me.
  • Hello jack, for you this is truly a Hallowween.
pumpkin puns and jokes

Pumpkin Jokes

  • At this moment, pumpkin flavor is my blood type.
  • Little pumpkins are helped by whom to cross the road without causing any harm?
  • The gourd of the crossing.
  • Do you know the favorite sport of pumpkin?
  • It’s squash.
  • Do you know the probability of pumpkin’s girth to its diameter?
  • Pumpkin pie.
  • Do you know what is said by the pumpkin after Thanksgiving?
  • Goodpie people.
  • What do you name a pumpkin that is strong?
  • A jack of lamp.
  • What will be the answer if you ask a pumpkin about it’s feeling?
  • Vine. Grateful that you ask.
  • Have you any idea where do the pumpkin lanterns exist?
  • In the seedy portion of the city.
  • What do you name a little pumpkin who ignores everything a crossing gourd says?
  • Squash.
  • What do you name a pumpkin when seeds spat everywhere by it?
  • A jerk o’ lamp.
  • What can be the outfit of pirate jack o’ lantern?
  • A pumpkin plant area.
  • If you feel you are not appreciated by me, Jack is unknown to you.
  • I am very pumped that God blessed me with a companion like you.
  • Jack o’ lantern to the individual, whose smile constantly brightens up your house.
  • The tiny pumpkins are frightened for Halloween.
  • Let’s support them to be joyful.
Pumpkin Puns

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