Post-Interview Rejection Letter: 4 Template

Organizations nowadays go only for those employees who come the closest to the requirements which are mandatory. But there are times when certain really talented candidates apply as well.

Since you have no other option but to reject them as you have already chosen the best individual among all, you can still preserve all their certificates or information for future needs.

So to frame such a post-interview rejection letter, make sure you have a look at the sample letter template written by me.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],



Sub: Post-interview rejection letter 

Dear candidate,

We are really thankful to you to give some of your precious time to interview with the higher authority of our company (mention the name of the company), for the post of (mention the name of the post) for our department of (mention the name of the department). You really did a good job in that interview.

But we are really sorry to inform you that we have already selected another candidate for our company. His qualifications, achievements, and experiences are much closer to our mandatory requirements. As there was a huge competition, our work was really difficult of choosing one person.

But we will preserve your documents, resume, and skill certificate in the case of our further requirement of an employee like you.

We hope we will be able to contact you again as our new candidate for the future.

You are always welcome to contact us any time for your other questions about this letter through our company website (mention the website of the company).

We hope you will understand our inability to recruit you at present.

Thank you very much,

With Regards,

  [Name of the sender],


  [Organization name]

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