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56+ Best Physician Puns and Funny Quotes

Physician is an individual certified to practice medication, particularly one who works in diagnosis and medical healing as incompatible from surgery. Share some hilarious and humorous physician puns with your companions and family to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some funny physician puns.

Physician Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Yesterday some food coloring inadvertently gulped down by me. The physician says nothing is particularly wrong with my fitness.
  • Certainly I am not bad at being indolent, even my physician said that if I don’t stop being this indolent I should wait for atrophy.
  • Why was the new patient accepted by the physician? It was figured by him that he might also offer the patient a chance.
  • What anesthesiologist and the brain surgeon were discussing was relentlessly tedious.

_They made an effort to keep him safe from dying with an I.V. but it was all for nothing.

_In the medical academy the reason for his concern was about qualifying as a surgeon but fortunately, he passed.

_Two surgeons were making fun of stitchings and they did the stitches together.

_When the physician questioned the editor about his health, he answered he was facing difficulty with circulation.

_The income growth of an orthopedic physician depends on the health condition of sufferers.

_As my blood type is B positive, It is said by my hematologist that I have an impressive viewpoint.

_The statements of a surgeon are quick and straightforward.

_It was truly filled with too many individuals at the diet physician’s clinic but then it became less crowded.

_I moved to my physician and told the registrar that I had a feeling like a deck of cards. She told me to be seated and the physician will handle you according to his time.

_The reason why the organs could not be transferred by the physician is that the physician had no guts to transfer it.

_It was told by the physician to the patient to utilize a Q-tip. The Q-tip goes in one ear and comes out from another.

_It is told by a physician to a woman that it would not be good for her if she touches anything alcoholic. So she legally ends her marriage.

_When I informed the physician about my unusual forgetfulness, he forced me to give the payment in advance.

_My physician said that I need to exert myself physically once in a day so I told the physician that I’d stop telling the truth to my wife.

_A smart man gave advice to a physician and a pediatrician not to listen to his advice.

And that became a paradox for a couple of physicians.

_I questioned my physician if he liked James Bond or not? He answered no.

_In which name physician was known as who could sense the destiny?


_How many physicians does it require to stop the continuous program of the space time continuum?

It needs a contradiction.

_What would a foot physician, lay together with a ball on the ground be called?

A pedal doctor in the fetal situation.

_As claimed by Greek mythology, Chiron had a half human body and half horse body which makes Chiron the centaur for illness control.

_What would a physician on call be called?

A: An oncologist

_Albert Einstein’s brother Frank was also a physician and scientist.

_Me: Physician, I am clueless about how to have an orgasm?

Physician: How come?

_I am just diagnosed by the physician with paranoia.

But the physician didn’t really explain it. But I know where he was using his mind to consider.

_I questioned my physician if there is any risk of spreading coronavirus through intercourse. He replied If you do shake your partner’s hand during intercourse.

_So, you have no faith in a physician who would stitch you up?

Good. Suture self.

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