56+ Best Pharaoh Puns and Funny Quotes

With Pharaohs in mind, we can think about Egypt, the pyramids, tombs, the nile river etc. Did you ever think that you could make puns with them? If not, then you are just at the right place where you can find some of the funniest puns on Pharaohs.

Pharaoh Puns and Funny Quotes

  • These people got mails from the Prince of Nigeria and I also received a mail from the Egyptian Pharaoh. But then I realized that it was just a pyramid scheme.
  • The Pharaoh’s married did not work out because of the pyramid scheme.
  • The archaeologists discovered the tomb of a Pharaoh and opened to find that the mummy of the pharaoh was covered in nuts and chocolates. So, they named him pharaoh roche.

_Did you know how did the Pharaoh become so rich? It is because he ran some big pyramid scheme.

_It is known that a Pharaoh would not fart until it hurt him. They considered that it was the curse of Too-uncommon.

_What would you call a Pharaoh who farted infrequently? You can call him toot-uncommon.

_The brave Egyptians are known to write with hero-glyphics.

_What would the pharaoh say after seeing the pyramid? He would name it mummy’s home.

_Which is the favourite eating place of the Pharaohs? It is the pizza tut.

_The Egyptian kid got confused when the people said that his daddy was actually mummy.

_Do you think that the mummies enjoyed being the mummies? Of corpse they did!

_How is the doorbell of the ancient Egyptian used? Toot-and-come-in.

_De-coffin-ated coffee is the favourite coffee of the mummy.

_The mummies love listening to the wrap.

_My pharaohmones makes me irresistible.

_What would you name the Egyptian men who worshipped the sun in the ancient times? Ramen

_The Egyptians preferred to stay in egypt because of denile and thus, did not want to shift anywhere else.

_The ancient Egyptian men found the Egyptian women attractive because of their pharaohmones.

_From where do the Egyptian people bring their water? From denile river.

_The Egyptian kings stopped building the monuments because they came to know about the pyramid scheme.

_An Egyptian masseuse is also known as a cairopractor.

_The ancient Egyptian people started dying out as they had mummies only.

_The ancient Egyptians refused to admit to anything in those times because of they were in denile.

_The Egyptians are known for making delicious jams because they are really great at preservation.

_In the ancient times all the Egyptian Pharaohs suffered from a bowel problem which they named as toot in common.

_I visited an Egyptian doctor to treat my back and he was a cairopractor.

_The ancient Egyptians would bury the Pharaohs who died in too many layers of coffin. They were really good at multi casking.

_I was told by the other people that I could become rich because of the pyramid scheme if I bought an ancient Egyptian property.

_I have an Egyptian friend who refuses to admit that he lives by the Egyptian river. I know that he is always in denial.

_Name the famous Egyptian Pharaoh who suffered from the worst gastric problem. King Tutankhamen

_The ancient Egyptian had a hard time finding labours for their pyramid scheme.

_The Egyptian kid loved elepants because they had a toot in common.

_What would the Egyptian doctor tell to the wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh? He said that she was going to become a mummy.

_Approximately how many Egyptians can be fitted inside a pyramid? A pharaoh mount.

_What is the favourite chocolate of the ancient Egyptians? It is the pharaoh rocher.

_An ancient Egyptian mathematician was trying to find how many hours made a day. But then he became tired after twenty four hours and thus he called it a day.

_The ancient Egyptians were really great at farting because of their good sphinxters.

_What is the favourite food of the Egyptian god? It is the Ramen.

_Some of my Egyptian friends were really excited to work for the ancient Egyptians but they refused to join them after they came to know that they had to work for the pyramid scheme.

Pharaoh Puns

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