Driving Car Permission Letter Template

Learning to drive a car is essential today as it gives you the opportunity to be more independent. When you can drive on your own, you can go to any place you like and it gives you that self-satisfaction, makes you more careful in life.

You feel good, confident about yourself. Once you are done learning it, acquire a driving license, you need permission from the concerned individuals to drive a car and for this, you need to frame a proper permission letter.

Make sure you go through this effective sample letter written by me in order to frame the ideal one.

Template: 1


(Name of the sender)

(Designation of the respective person)

(Name of the address)

Subject- letter of permission for driving car

Respected madam/sir,

This letter is to inform (mention the name of the organization or agency) that I (mention your name) from (mention the place where you are staying) would like to ask for permission for driving a car. I have recently completed my driving classes and I believe I have learned it pretty well.

I am having a proper government-approved driving license, and I believe and I can drive. I had taken proper training for driving. The agency has authorized that now I can be able to drive on my own.

This letter is to request you for granting me permission for driving a car. This will be a great help to me and my family as my father stays far from us and I am the only child of them. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to travel through a means of public transport.

This is my request to please grant me permission so that I can drive on my own with proper authorization. I will be highly obliged to you. Please accept my request and grant me permission for driving car.

For any further information or queries you can reach to me at (mention phone number) or through an email (mention email address).

Thanking you


(Name of the sender)

driving car permission letter

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