Studies Noc Letter Template

Employed in your organization every employee tries to give his or her best, growing successful in career and life but it may so happen that some are unable to complete their studies due to some unavoidable reason and wants to finish it now or wishes to go for higher studies then in such a case you will obviously be thinking of helping them out.

If you intend to write a NOC letter for such an employee then referring to this sample letter will help you to frame yours with perfection.

Letter Template: 1

[Name of sender]

[HR of the respective company]


[Name of addressee]

Subject: NOC letter for studies

Respected sir/madam,

This letter is to inform you that (mention candidate name) is working with our company for [mention years] years now. He/she needs to apply for a visa to visit abroad for his/her further study. He/she is a bright student as well due to some reason he/she didn’t able to complete his/her study and join our company for his/her job experience.

Now, he/she is willing to continue his/her further studies. This is why he has applied for this visa to abroad.

On behalf of [mention company name] as the HR manager wants to inform you that we have completed no objection upon his/her visa as he/she is very sincere towards his/her work and he/she is working hard since joining. He/she will be travelling to [mention departure location] to [mention arrival location].

We have completed all the formalities for NOC and after verifying only we are writing this letter as this letter is issued as per request. All the documents have been attached with this letter, please check the attachment for your reference. 

I would like to say, we assure you about him/her. He/she was a bright student during his/her college days and now as an employee of our company he/she is working hard. If you have any further queries you can reach us at [mention phone number] or through an email [mention email address].


[Sender Name]

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