46+ funny Network Puns and jokes

You can use all your geeky knowledge and make something funny out of it. Network has become a very essential part of life and life feels incomplete with it. So you can just use network in your conversation making them funny and hilarious. Here are some puns on network. 

Network Puns

  • We really liked each other but things did not work out well. I think our connection was really weak. 
  • Before taking anything forward you need to establish the connection between you two. 
  • I really did not have to buy anything. So we went for a window shopping. 
  • The plane was about to LANd on the airport when we arrived. 
Network Puns

_ The LANd belongs to my forefathers. I cannot sell it alone. 

_ They spread the net and waited for the fish to get trapped. 

_ To find out what happened, I switched to my network of people. Within minutes, I got the information. 

_ He has a very strong network of people who keeps him posted all the time about everything.

_ He had been network-ing from home and still he has made sure that all the work is done on time. 

_ He started taking and I knew that moment that he is a byte too much.

_ The amount of food granny puts on my plate is a byte too much

_ There were some major burns on his body. He touched firewall. 

_ He is so hot that even firewall feels ashamed to be around him. 

_ You need to keep insurance rate of app developer to be very high because they are usually crashing. 

_ I knew he went data way but I did not tell anyone

_ There is a thing about him data he never tells what is going on in his mind. 

_ I took a vacation on the beach to surf the net and have fun. 

_ The internet started and we knew it was festival time. 

_ The internet told us to be in a queue and wait for the turn to come. 

Network Puns

_ He is such a internet that he did not even wait for us to join and left before us. 

_ I could see him internet from the corner of my eyes but I did not react to it. 

_ I need to go to internet before my boss sends me  warning letter. 

_ The internet of the box was made beautifully. I praised the carpenter a lot for it. 

_ He offered me cookies. I sat with them and deleted a few. 

_ There was a lot of network in the shop and I had to finish it before shutting down. 

_ They arranged for a lot of network in the wedding that added to the pollution. 

_ The network was so rude that he did not even listen to me properly and started screaming at me. 

_ I was sitting down for a break. But my boss told me to network soon. 

_ Out of everything the network was awarded with some cash price. 

_ If you are given the work, network. There is no point sitting and looking at it. 

_ The market was down so we had network. 

_ What is the network of all the gold he owned. 

_ I do not think the situations can get any network that what they are right now. 

_ I was network when he called me to check on my health. 

_ He did not really study for the test. It was all his network that got him good marks. 

_ The dress she was wearing in the party its network was more than the entire budget of the party. 

_ The way she spoke to me, I am sure that I will network and quit the job. 

_ His idea was great. It network if executed properly. 

_ We got to get back to network before anyone finds us in the backyard not doing anything. 

Network Puns

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