51+ Best Mythology Puns and Quotes

Mythology is a collection of folklore or beliefs about a particular individual, religion, or culture. Send some mythology puns to your closed ones to share some laughs with them. It doesn’t matter whether they have read about mythology or not, surely everyone will understand these humorous mythology jokes. Here is a collection of some mythology puns.

Mythology Puns and Quotes

  • Cerberus who is a puppy, protecting the portal of heck.
  • I hope medusa would quit objectifying individuals.
  • My daughter got good marks in every subject except Greek mythology.
  • As stated by Greek mythology Chiron was a half human and half horse physician.
Mythology Puns

_I didn’t fail in any of my classes except for Greek mythology.

_I am completely clueless about Greek mythology.

_Fauns have been blamed for taking hormones from goats and humans.

_Is there any existence of Atlantist? Nay, that is not an honest city.

_I’m not bad at cracking labyrinths. I just take a minotaur to to solve it.

_It is not easy to identify a Norseman. They possess a Loki attitude.

_The best baby-satyr is made with A half goat and a half human.

_Pastry culinarians in Roswell are recognized for their bake-an-alien pleasures.

_If a sea monster is encountered by you, it would be better for you to get Kraken.

_The outdated Egyptians were devotees of Miley’s forefather, who was also the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld.

_The only way to memorize Greek mythological trivia is to utilize Agamemnemonics.

_The natural spring of the water of Youth was just a Ponce technique.

_I came face to face with a half-man, half-goat. It was very faun meeting him.  Satyrdays are enjoyed by me.

_How did the overworked busboy be mocked by the genie?

He said, three dishes will be granted for him.

Mythology Puns

_Ultimately the metaphor of labyrinths in Greek Mythology is comprehended by me. What a mystery meant.

_The presence of unicorns. We always hear from People “Unicorniest fellows I think”.

_Does the noise in Valhalla upset 0,din?

_King Neptune never knew how to ride a pike.

_My companion prefers mythical beasts,  so I centaur a half-horse and a half-human for Christmas.

_How were the tabs of outdated bar-goers settled by them? A Bacchus.

_Zeus put Nemesis on a security job. It is complained by the Olympians for putting her on the security job. But Zeus didn’t see any issue.

_I am sure Zeus was not this much unprejudiced before having Athena.

_Have you ever watched those films about Greek mythology?

You Odyssey those films.

_May the cat rest in peace who thought Medusa could be stopped by sunglasses.

_The last wish of Icarus was he wanted to get very tan you fellows.

_Why would a good mailman be made by Prometheus?

Because it is a responsibility with a lot of de-livering.

_Gentlemen, we are in a battle with Troy and must hold on to our guard.

Sir, we received a giant wooden horse from our enemy.

Mythology Puns

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