51+ Best Money Puns and Quotes

All of us have heard about puns. Although puns sound stupid but their stupidity can make you laugh harder every time you hear them. And here you will find puns that are related to money. After you read them, you surely wont stop laughing. That’s guaranteed.

Money Puns and Quotes

  • There was a boy who would bully me at school and also take my lunch money. But then he made great sandwiches for me.
  • The sign on the board warned us to watch our children and it seemed to be like a fair trade.
  • The kid asked his father about the cost of money it takes to get married. But his father wasn’t sure about the exact amount since he was still paying.
  • Did you ever hear your money talk? Mine always tells me a goodbye whenever I leave home. 
Money Puns

_The birds are wealthy because they often deposit on expensive cars.

_When you win a lottery, you find a lot of long lost relatives getting in touch with you.

_The man swallowed a coin but unfortunately there was no change.

_The dinosaurs are known to pay their bills using Tyrannosaurus cheques.

_Recently the balloon company closed because the high inflation of cost was a hard one to take.

_Once upon a time, my father used to be a banker but then he left it because he lost all his interests.

_I visited the restaurant and after I saw the tip box, I felt like it was saying to me that if I am afraid of keeping the changes, perhaps I should give them to it.

_Just because the dead man was dead broke, he could not live happily.

__Why do you call a money dough? It is because all of us knead money.

_The hippie put all his money in the refrigerator just because he loved cold cash.

_The worth of the dimes are decreasing day by day due to the change in dimes (times).

_The police arrested him for counterfeiting because he was giving out bad scents (cents).

_The bloodhound dog is known to have money with him because he knows how to pick up scents (cents).

_The little boy ate up all the cash because it was his lunch money.

_You will always find money in a dictionary.

Money Puns

_Name a thing that has a head and also a tail but has no legs. Its a cent.

_It will start to rain money as soon as there is a ‘change’ in weather.

_Do you know where does the Dracula deposit all his money? Of course, in a bloodbank.

_The fishes always deposit their money in the river bank.

_The robber took a bath before stealing from the bank because he wanted to get away with a clean slate.

_The duck went to the market and asked the shopkeeper to put everything that he bought on his ‘bill’.

_The lady went to the market and she kept her purse open in the hope that would find some change in the weather.

_What name did the dollar give to his daughter? He named her penny.

_What is the similarity between a dollar and the moon? Both of them have 4 quarters.

_If there were money growing on trees, then our favourite season would be the fall.

_That man was so poor that he was unable to pay something as little as attention.

_Money may not be every thing in you life but it definitely brings a lot of relatives and other people closer to you.

_Abraham Lincoln was the only president who was not at all guilty because he was always on the cents.

_Since the day I lost my interest, I left the job of a banker.

Money Puns

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