70+ Top Milk Puns and Funny jokes

Milk is perhaps among the popular drinks in the world. It is full of nutrients and does a lot of good to the human body. However, it can also be used to make great puns.

Milk Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What would you call a milk that manages to get each and everything that it wants? Spoilt milk.
  • What kind of milk will you get from a dwarf cow? Condensed milk.
  • Why does nobody like puns about milk? They tend to be very cheesy.
  • Why are there only two legs beneath the stool used for milking a cow? Because the udder is with the cow.

_Why did Hitler drink milk for breakfast every morning? Because he did not like juice.

_From where does a Russian source his milk? From Mos-cow.

_Why do I never try milking a cow? Because the last time I tried doing it, it was an udder failure.

_What did the cow tell someone who insulted her? “How dairy you?”

_What would you call a dairy product that is horrible? “Udder bullshit.”

_Why did the cow fall down while being milked? Because the rug was pulled out from udder it.

_What do you say to a cow to get a determined decision from her? You say, “Milk up your mind.”

_What did the cow say to his friend when they met twice in the same day? “What a cow-incidence!”

_Which cow has great pickup lines? A cow which is smooth as milk.

_What do you call it when a cow mixes very well with its surroundings? A cow-moo-flage.

_What would you call a cow who is worshipped by the people? Holy cow!

_Where are all the decisions regarding cows taken? At the cow-ncil.

_Why did the cow charge at the bull? She cow-nteracted because of a previous charge.

_What would you call a packet of fake milk. Cow-nterfeit.

_What happened to the man who had too many cows? He lost cow-nt.

_What do you call a nation of cows? A cow-ntry.

_Why was the cow considered responsible for all the mishaps? She was a-cow-ntable for it.

_What do you see in a boxing match between cows? A kno-cow-t.

_How does a cow commit a murder? In cow-ld blood.

_When do two cows become best friends? When they are able to cow-ordinate well.

_Why did the man call his cow stupid? Because she never udderstood a word of what he said to her.

_Which substance abuse is the cow most prone to? Cow-caine.

_Cow-conut happens to be the best cow fruit.

_Which company did the cow work in? At a government uddertaking.

_What would you call it when a cow does not listen to its owner? Uddermining the authority.

_Which is the favourite hairstyle of a cow? The uddercut.

_What kind of a partner did the cow want? Someone who would udderstand her feelings.

_Where did the cow write everything about her life? In her dairy.

_Why did everybody know about the cow? Because she was legen-dairy.

_Where does a cow field during a game of cricket? At the boun-dairy.

_Where should you call a cow? At her second-dairy number.

_What kind of design does a cow like on her garments? Embroi-dairy.

_Why does a cow hate artificial milk? Because the substance is pow-dairy.

_What adjective would you use for a cow which is extremely brave? Dairying.

_Why did the cows stand in attention for two minutes? They were expressing soli-dairy-ty.

_Why could the bottle of milk not be seen by you? Because it went pasteurise in a second.

_Why can you not digest milk? Because you lactose qualities required for digestion.

_How was milk sold in the market? It was sold in the “Buy now pay later” method.

_What would you call someone who cheats others while selling milk? A skim artist.

_Why could I not imagine to have milk in the afternoon? Because it was beyond my wildest creams.

_Which book will be preferred by a man who sells milk? Cream and Punishment.

_What will happen when you buy loads of milk? A hole will be burnt in the pocket.

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