251+ Best Memorial Day Whatsapp Statuses

Memorial Day is entirely about celebrating and remembering the soldiers, military forces, fighters who had fought and died serving the US. Memorial Day, Americans observe every year in May, last Monday.

To celebrate and greet people for their loss, here are some greetings, sayings, and short messages for WhatsApp Status dedicated to Memorial Day. 

Best Memorial Day Status for Whatsapp 

A real nationalist is those who receive a parking ticket and appraise that the system is working genuinely. 

The Memorial Day Weekend is to thank all the army who have and who are continuously saving our country. 

To all the military people, I wish you a great Memorial Day with a big grilled weekend. 

My towering respect to all military soldiers of my country America who are serving across the country. 

Today, I honor the deceased Soldiers. I have empathy for their families. 

It is Memorial Day, the day to honor soldiers who have served our nation. 

Every resident of the US should honor the brave men and women warriors of our country. 

I wanna thank our soldier sisters and brothers. They are the reason we are breathing well. 

I wish the best and most happy Memorial Day to all my sisters and brother serving the defense. 

I wanna wish the best to those who have subserved the country already. 

This Memorial Day, I want to pay special honor to those who have paid their life for the nation, for us. 

Memorial Day is the remembrance day of those who are the prime reason we, the residents of this nation, are alive. 

On Memorial Day weekend, I feel like taking a trip down memory lane and pay glory to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the land, for the freedom that we want. 

I feel Memorial Day is an exceptional period to be grateful to those who served the nation. 

On the honorable thy grave of our soldiers, the rain shall drop down from the eyes of a fierce nation.

The soldiers are the real heroes of our lifetime. 

The soldiers are really the one who has sacrificed his/ her life to something bigger than oneself. 

My fellow Americans, do not ask what your country can do for you. Instead, ask yourself, for the country, what you can do.

Not only on Memorial Day, but it is salient for us to recall, recognize and celebrate our real heroes of the nation every day!

The tale of America’s quest for freedom is carved on the history that lies in the pool of blood of the patriots. 

The self-willingness of the United States’s battle-scarred in terms of sacrifice for the nation has earned them our lifetime gratitude. 

Hundreds of years later, Memorial Day in The United States remained one of the most cherished federal observances for honoring and mourning the soldiers. 

The spirit and value of Memorial Day have not changed by the passing years. 

Memorial Day always was and will be the day to honor and mourn those who died protecting our freedom and democracy. 

In America, we celebrate Memorial Day to pay patriots tribute to, who sacrificed their lives in the nation’s wars.

The United States is a land of hope filled with loads of compassion, excellence, and determination. 

As a soldier, I would like to be remembered by a song instead of by a victory. 

This year, Memorial Day is especially meaningful for us.

This Memorial Day, I recalled almost daily the great sacrifices by our armed defenders to protect our way of life.

This Memorial Day, let’s salute our courageous heroes of the country. They happily accepted their death because they love the country.

I feel blessed to be born in the land of brave heroes. Let us show some warm wishes on Memorial Day!

They are not heroes. They are stars shining upon us. Wishing you a very shining Memorial Day.

Let’s thank all those fallen heroes who have served us, fought for us! 

I do not believe in showing mourning on the death of superheroes and soldiers, died for the nation. Happy Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is not for expressing sorrow and thanking the dead soul of the soldiers. 

To me, Memorial Day is to take some inspiration from those to make this Memorial Day a special and remarkable one. 

Soldiers are not like the heroes on TV. They actually protect us from the enemy gang. 

I believe we should also protect our soldiers in our memories. Happy Memorial Day.

Let us unitedly honor our national fellows of courage by promising to construct a better future, a better country of tomorrow. 

Memorial Day is a mnemonic to ourselves that we have got to be responsible citizens too. 

The army personnel had to pay some heavy price for the freedom of the nation. We must value them the most. 

We can always roam around knowing that we are safe. Inside, we all know we have our comrade-in-arms protecting us. 

Our special heroes have brought us the most precious thing – FREEDOM. There are not enough words to thank them. 

You know, each of us should celebrate Memorial Day with our hearts. 

We should thank and celebrate them as they lost their lives and left us with a better nation to live with freedom. 

On Memorial Day, we should thank our heroes from the bottom of our hearts. Happy Memorial Day.

Standing in the grave of our dead heroes, let us promise to always take the best care of our empire from top to bottom. 

While building a nation with its province, even the smallest efforts count. Happy Memorial Day.

Our man-at-arms are our real inspiration. Memorial Day is the day to seek motivation from them. 

Our comrades-in-arms do not jump on the stage, give lectures, but they act. 

A meaningful Memorial Day stands with activities and traditions. 

We cannot ever forget the sacrifice our soldiers have made, and we should not even ever. 

We should not forget the stories of our soldiers that are truly inspiring. Happy Memorial Day.

With the warm wishes of Memorial Day, let us bow down to our feelings of pride, our soldiers. 

On this day, let us strongly salute them and honor them for the ultimate sacrifice they have made, ever!

Our defenders have left the nation into our hands while protecting us. We must also cushion it by all means. Happy Memorial Day.

We all should work for patriotism and inspiration. 

Patriotism & inspiration are the actual colors we need to paint our country with. Wish you a peaceful Memorial Day!

To the residents of my beloved country, let’s assemble all our respective duties and responsibilities as liable citizens. 

I wish you all a very hopeful Memorial Day.

Humorous Whatsapp Status for Memorial Day

People show honor to the defense of our country in different ways. I personally prefer to honor them by drinking and enjoying the barbecue.

Why and who had made up the rule that I cannot wear white after Memorial Day? 

The ordinance for us to not wear white on Memorial Day is pure dumb and nonsense, I must say!

Looking at the present and then having to look back later because I cannot recall what I have said earlier. 

Hey, can’t I wear a white t-shirt or even will my underwear count? 

On this memorable occasion, I want to remind you all that joining the military is a great thing you can do for this country.

The strange and sad thing about this generation is they demand freedom yet cannot value the freedom fighter and its worth. 

A defense soldier who gets martyred on the battlefield fighting & protecting the land deserves special recognition for their sacrifices. 

Today is Memorial Day. Another day for some dumb, hopeless people to drink and party.

Cheers for the martyred hearts as they have fought for our freedom. Happy Memorial Day.

Do not let the RIP soldiers regret sacrificing their lives for a bunch of morons. Respect them, value them. 

You should remember and honor the sacrifices on Memorial Day.

Hey, don’t just roam around, feast with your friends, and treat Memorial Day as a holiday weekend. 

General Memorial Day Status for Whatsapp 

Memorial Day is the opportunity to celebrate the color of gratitude and patriotism towards our martyrs. 

I wish may God bless the souls of our people of pride. 

On the event of Memorial Day, let us unitedly recall the brave hearts, our soldiers, and the pride of our nation.

Today, we should thank our fighters for what they have given us for the freedom against their lives.

It is Memorial Day. The day to remember the heroes that our country is always going to remember. 

I believe our soldiers are the souls who will keep inspiring our youth, our upcoming generation to come. 

Hey everyone, warm wishes for this Memorial Day. 

We require special Memorial Day to get inspired by our fallen arm forces to make the realm a better place to live. 

People, soldiers have fought for our freedom and our lives. What have you done?

Our fighters didn’t hesitate but happily gave their lives to save us. We must honor those courageous souls. 

Happy Memorial Day to the devoted souls and you all. 

Freedom is the most dominant aspect for us, and we have traded off it with the lives of many brave hearts. 

We should value the precious lives of our fighters and freedom. Happy Memorial Day.

The only thing a soldier wants us while dying is to take care of our nation and its people. 

A Memorial Day will become memorable only when all of us will be together and stay powerful for our nation. A very Happy Memorial Day.

They gave up on their lives. They left their families behind. So that we, the citizens of the country, could live in peace and comfort. 

Let us memorize our soldiers for their sacrifice on the occasion of this Memorial Day!

We all should fill our hearts with respect and patriotism. Only then we can together make the land a more generous nation.

Memorial Day is the occasion to celebrate the color of bravery.

Memorial Day is a special event to dive into the radiant of patriotism. 

On this Memorial Day, let’s unitedly make this event a better day to thank all our fallen heroes. 

The real meaning of nationalism lies not in just waving the flag but in serving the nation.

I consider we should strive that the nation’s state will be righteous and strong enough and we can make it.

Till long there will be the home of braves – this nation will stand as the land of freedom.

We must continue the battle for freedom until it is won. Until our realm of the nation becomes happy. 

I must keep fighting to make a free and peaceful part of the community. Until then, I cannot rest!

I always dream of a period when America would once again spread the ray of best hopes on the earth. 

Maybe the wars are meant to be fought and won by man-of-arms. 

The fight is the spirit of those brave hearts who lead and who follow that gains the triumph. 

This Memorial Day is not a day to party and drink but a special day to thank those dead souls who fought and died for you. 

While you are sitting comfortably on your couch, they continue fighting the enemies to protect the land for us. 

This Memorial Day, you should salute and remember who are fighting for you.

Being responsible citizens, I should honor our brave soldiers today, tomorrow, and every day.

Because they have given their lives for the honor of this country, I should honor them as well.

Memorial Day is a small reminder that we are so fortunate to live so freely.

Because of such great, brave, and strong army men living in our country, we could live freely. 

Memorial Day is the day when we show some empathy and warm compassion and thank our real heroes.

They are the reason you, I, and we are here. Do not ever let our soldier’s sacrifices fade away. 

With every passing time, it is our responsibility to keep our fighters alive in our memories.

We do not have, and we will not, ever, have enough words to thank the son and daughter of our nation who died saving our freedom. 

This Memorial Day is time to express some warm wishes for those who died. 

Memorial Day is filled with rejoiceful bravery and stories of brave-hearted soldiers of our country. 

Memorial Day is time to celebrate the courage of the dead.

I should honor and pray for those who had made me alive to pray for them and celebrate this Memorial Day.

I must pray for the souls who have worked and died on purpose to make my country a meaningful nation. 

I became fortunate because they were brave. Empathetic wishes on Memorial Day to everyone.

I only have words to thank and honor the dead soldiers, but I have our courage to act for the nation as they did too. 

In the event of Memorial Day, let us collectively do something for the nation and all.

They are not with us anymore, but they will always be in our hearts.

I always will remember our warriors’ contribution to making our land free to live, love, and smile. 

They lived with discomfort to make us experience comfort. 

They happily left us to make us stay happy. This memorial day, we should thank them heartily. 

It is their memories that keep fueling us with strength and motivation to keep everything working hard. 

Short Whatsapp Status Dedicated to Memorial Day

Let us not forget those braves who have paid a high price for our freedom. 

Follow the real heroes – FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Only they have died protecting us, not the heroes on screen. 

The best way to honor dead soldiers on Memorial Day is to fight for the right and risk your lives for the nation to make it bright. 

We are not alive to ask what our country has done for us. We are alive to risk our lives to the country and its men. 

Our America is built upon courage, sacrifices, and pools of blood. Let us not forget it!

I love my country, and I do not fear risking my life or sacrificing anything ever for the country. 

Let us unitedly concrete our nation’s pride and make the martyrs’ sacrifices meaningful. 

Memorial Day is a special day and a gentle reminder to inspire our generations to come.

The armed forces have left us, but their untold stories will always be motivational for billions of lives. 

Today, we have home, freedom, and food. Because yesterday, they had to sacrifice and lose.

The soldiers loved their country to even die to it. What have you done so far?

This is Memorial Day. Let’s thank all dead soldiers for making us alive and giving us a free country to live in.

Remember, you are safe and smiling here because they are scared and fighting there. Happy Memorial Day!

We must together honor them, thank them and promise them to make our country proud. 

Let’s not keep our proud soldiers in our hearts or in our memories. Let’s keep them alive in our actions. 

Being a responsible citizen is what we can do for our nation and fighters to make them proud. 

Let’s learn one thing from our fighters. That is to love the nation selflessly without thinking about ourselves. 

Have a happy Memorial Day, and do not let the memories and sacrifice of our border fighters fade away. 

The soldiers are the real inspiration who teach us to always stand for our country first. 

If you want everyone to praise you, respect you, if you aspire to be a role model, an inspiration, love your country!

This special day is the opportunity to take direction and inspiration from our martyrs. 

It is my own country, my motherland, my pride. I can absolutely make it big and hopeful with my actions. 

Responsible netizens are what every nation dreams of!

Do not thank the martyrs until you have actions to match your words. 

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