56+ Best Mathematics Puns and Funny Quotes

In case you would like to laugh you will not usually turn to your math books in the long run. Mathematics is regarded as one of the toughest subjects in the school that many students are scared of. However, here we have mentioned some mathematics puns that ought to bring smile to your face.  

Mathematics Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Why would you never converse with Pi?

Since she is going to move on, on and on indefinitely.

  • For what reason do teenagers move in clusters of three or five?

Since they cannot even.

  • For what reason should you be concerned about the math instructor holding the graph paper?

She is planning something for sure.

_What was told by the zero to the eight?

Fantastic belt!

_What is a number that will simply not be able to keep still called?

A roaming numeral.

_For what reason is it sorrowful that parallel lines have many things in common?

Since they will never be meeting.

_Are ogres efficient at math?

Not till Count Dracula is counted by you.

_For what reason did the fraction feel nervous while tying the knot with the decimal?

Since it was imperative for him to convert.

_What was told by the triangle to the circle?

You happen to be pointless.

_What happens to be the preferred type of tree of a math teacher?


_What is something with more than 1 L called?

A parallel.

_For what reason did the geometry teacher not come to class?

For she had hurt her angle.

_Once I disputed with an angle which was 90°.

It was found that it had been correct.

_Have you heard of the circle which was over-educated?

It consists of 360°!

_What shape typically waits for you within a Starbucks?

A line.

_For what reason does anybody not speak to the circles?

Since there is no point.

_For what reason is the obtuse angle upset at all times?

Since it is never correct.

_What is used by the geometry teachers for decorating the floor?

Area rugs!

_What is done by the mathematicians following a snowstorm?

They prepare snow angles!

_For what reason was his food spilled in the oven by the mathematician?

Since this directions told, “Place it at 180° in the oven.”

_For what reason were the multiplication problems performed by the student on the ground?

He was instructed by the teacher not to make use of tables.

_How will you be able to solve a equation?

By multiplying each side by 0.

_Which tables are not required to be learned?

Dinner tables!

_The surgeon asked the nurse that he had a lot of patients and who should he operate first?

In reply, the nurse told that it was simple and he needed to stick to the operation orders.

_Once I came across a mathematics teacher having 12 kids.

She really knows the method of multiplication.

_Which tool is ideal for math?

A multi-plier.

_For what reason was the class of Mr. Gilson so noisy?

Because gong division was preferred by him!

_For what reason did the girl put on glasses during the math class?

Since it helped to improve di-vision.

_One day a father observed that his son was quite depressed after coming home from his school.

When the father asked the reason for this, the son replied that he did not prefer long division and always felt bad for remainders.

_What happens to be the preferred type of math for a swimmer?


_Do you have any idea regarding what appears odd to me?

Numbers which cannot be divided by 2.

_What happen to be the 10 things that you will be able to count on?

The fingers.

_You will come across 3 types of individuals on the planet.

Those who are able to count plus those who are not.

_What was told to the math book by the spelling book?

I am aware of the fact that I will be able to count on you.

_For what reason do adolescents move in groups of 3, 5, or 7 at all times?

Since they cannot even.

_What are you going to get after crossing a calculator and a dog.

A buddy on whom you will be able to count.

_For what reason was lunch skipped by the two 4s?

Since they eight already!

_How is it possible to make seven an even number?

By getting rid of the S.

_There happens to be a fine line between a denominator and a numerator …

However, it can only be understood by a fraction.

_What is common between the moon and a dollar?

Both of them possess 4 quarters!

_For what reason was the student upset when he was called average by his teacher?

It was actually a “mean” thing to assert.

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