65+ Best Math Puns and Quotes

It is a fact that math puns will help to make the mood of any classroom light in the long run. Apart from this, math puns will also help the students to learn concepts from their math lessons. Here are the top math puns for you to enjoy.

Math Puns and Quotes

  • Why one must not talk to Pi?

Because she will be going on forever.

  • For what reason do the teenagers move around in teams of 3 or 5?

Since they cannot even.

  • You ought to be concerned of the math teacher holding a graph paper since she is surely plotting something.
  • A number which is unable to keep still will be called a roamin’ numeral.

_I feel sad for the parallel lines for they are not going to meet.

_Monsters are not good at math until you Count Dracula.

_Obtuse angles are quire depressed for they are never right.

 _Using acute angle will be the best solution for wooing a math teacher.

_The old math teachers will never expire since they simply tend to lose several of their functions.

_My girlfriend happens to be -100’s square root since she is a perfect 10, although merely imaginary.

_It will be possible to stay warm in a room by huddling in a corner where the angle is 90 degrees at all times.

_The most effective way of serving pi is going to be a la mode. Other things are mean.

_Even though the farmer ended up counting 299 cows, he had 300 once they were rounded up.

_Calculus is not going to throw any major house party since he knows that it is not a good notion to drive and also derive.

_You must not be scared of advanced math since it is as simple as pi!

_The Mobius Strip was crossed by the chicken for reaching to the identical side.

_All math teachers are fond of parks due to all of the natural logs.

_You perform math in the head by simply using imaginary numbers.

_Plants do not like math since it offers them square roots.

_The student became upset once his teacher called him average since it had been a mean stuff to say.

_Dudes that have an affinity for math are called Algebros.

_Dear Algebra, do not try to find your X anymore; they will never come back, and do not ask Y.

_6 is scared of 7 because 7 eight 9.

_None talks to circles since there’s no point in doing so.

_I am performing multiplication on the floor since my teacher instructed me not to make use of tables.

_My math teacher owns a snake called pi-thon.

_The best place to perform your math homework will be on the multiplication table.

_You will be able to reach point B from point A by taking a rhom’bus or an x-y plane.

_Seven can be converted to an even number by simply getting rid of the “s”.

_Mathematicians love to party in the bar graphs.

_The number 288 must never be mentioned since it happens to be two gross.

_The film American Pie was rated by the math teacher as 3.14.

_The angle was not able to get a loan since his mom and dad would not Cosine.

_An angle which is adorable is called an acute angle.

_Bob did not drink the glass of water having 6 ice pieces in it since it had been too cubed.

_The small mermaid puts on an algae-bra.

_Sin did not go to the party along with tan just cos.

_One must not argue with any decimal since it has got a point.

_When the curse of the student was removed by the witch doctor, he said hexagon.

_Sir Cumference was responsible for inventing the Round Table.

_The two 4s skipped lunch since they already eight.

_A fine line exists between a denominator and a numerator which can only be understood by a fraction.

_The triangle said to the circle that he was pointless.

_A mathematician makes use of a pro-tractor for plowing his fields.

_A thing with more than 1 L is a parallel. 

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