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Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend : 12 Sample Formats

Relationships are very delicate and especially when you are in long-distance you need to take extra precautions and take care of your relationship with even more sensitivity.

What to Write in love Letter for Long Distance Boyfriend

  • Write about the love you both share 
  • You can mention any special moment of both of you
  • You should write how are you managing without him
  • You can mention how has your love grown
  • If any misunderstanding, apologize with love

At the time you might miss your partner, at the time you might have fought with him and in these moments a letter comes to your rescue. Write a letter to him explaining your feelings for him and for the relationship. 

Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend

Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend Sample 1

Hello, My dear,

I know its been quite some time that we are now in long-distance setup and we have been fighting a lot due to miscommunication and different time zones. I know it’s very difficult and new for us to adapt to new routines and especially not being able to see each other every now and then.

I want to tell you that no matter how many miles apart are we or no matter how many days we dont physically hug each other, I am going to love you and this is just going to increase with every passing day. Even if we fight or have numerous misunderstandings, I am going to solve that and we are going to make this work. You are my handsome man, who gives me the strength to fight the world and I am going to make you proud.



Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend Sample 2

Hey dear,

How are things with you there? Lately, I have been missing you a lot and I feel that not seeing you for so long is making me sick but due to office work I have not been able to give you time and I am really sorry about it. I just want to tell you today that every morning that I wake up I feel I am one day closer to seeing you and every night when we fall asleep on that video call I feel the distance in between us has vanished.

You are the best gift God has given me and I feel blessed to have found you. Just some more days and I will be there waiting for you at home when you return from office and we are going to make many more memories.

Missing you a lot

With Love


Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend Sample 3

Hello Love,

Congratulations baby we have completed 3 years together and I am looking forward to spending many more decades with you. I feel extremely proud of you that to serve the nation you are in the army and taking care of all of us. You remember the last time you came and we forgot to got to so many places, the places you loved more than me, I am sorry about it. 

This time when you get to leave, I am going to take you to all the places which you love, I am going to cook all your favorite food, I am going to bring all the favorite movies and we will binge-watch.

You are my hero love, I, your family and everyone is extremely proud of you. 

Take care and stay safe.



Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend Sample 4

Hello handsome,

Isnt it a beautiful day for us to celebrate. It’s your birthday and the day when you proposed to me 4 years ago. When we first met in high school I never thought we will turn out such replicas of each other. It was such an amazing time when we first started exploring each other and it was in no time that I knew I found what I was looking for.

In these years when we turned from classmates to friends, friends to lovers and lovers to soulmate, one thing that has remained constant is our spirit to love and to defend each other from the world and trust me I feel so secured and protected by your side that I have the courage to do anything in this world.

On this very special day, I want to pop a question “ will you be my life partner?”

Looking forward to your answer.



Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend Sample 5

Hello baby,

It isnt always just a coincidence that we meet some people and I felt this only after meeting you. You made me believe in destiny, in love, and in long-distance relationships. If it would not have been you, I dont think I would have been able to survive a long-distance relationship.

You are such a strong man and helped me shape my opinions and my personality. You have made me more responsible and with this letter, I want to apologize to your for being impatient since we have got into long-distance relationship.

I am waiting to see you soon and hit the clubs in the town.



Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend Sample 6

Hello dear,

I know it been a week since we last talked and it was my mistake. I am usually not this hot-headed but because it been so long that we have met that I am losing my patience.

Long-distance isnt something I ever would have chosen but because I can’t afford to lose you I am already giving it a try. I would request you to bear with me at this time so that we get through this and come out even stronger. You have always motivated me for becoming a better person and hence I want your support for some more time, actually, till the time we again come back and start living together. With your love and support I know I will be able to calm myself and not bother yours again.

With apologies and love


Love Letters for Long Distance Boyfriend Sample 7

Hello, my sweetheart,

If all the men in this world will be like you trust me the girls will never be sad or irritated again. You are the man of my dreams and even after staying miles apart you have always comforted me in ways that no one else can. 

I dont know how are you this perfect and how have you always managed to know what I feel, I just want to say that I love you and will do forever.

Looking forward to seeing you soon. 

With love and warm regards


A love letter for boyfriend on our long distance relationship Sample 8

Dear Boyfriend,

I know we don’t meet very often. We can’t. The distance between us doesn’t allow us to. I know I can’t call you in the middle of the night outside my balcony to have a glimpse of you because you won’t come. It breaks my heart that I cannot invite you for a mini date. I can’t throw tantrums at you for silly little things.

We can’t hold hands when we want to, hug each other when we wish to or kiss each other when we need to. We can’t be there for each other on every birthday or anniversary. Sometimes we have to celebrate them alone.

Sometimes I sit in your favourite places and eat your favourite things. Alone. It breaks my heart to say that most of the times I stay alone at home. There’s no shoulder to cry upon. Please come back to me. Sometimes I delete unsent texts and emails in my ‘draft’ folder.

There are days when I break down in the phone call as well, but I try to not let you know. Many times I don’t say I miss you that much, to keep you healthy. I don’t say you all these because I cannot afford to break you down as well.

Yours Ever and Forever…


A Love Letter for Boyfriend for Long Distance Relationship Sample 9


My dearest love (mention the name of the person),

Today, I want to let you know that, you are my first thought when I wake up in the morning and my last thought when I try to sleep at night. No, minutes passes by when I do not think about you.

Every day I want to beside you, talk with you, and smile with you. I know you are there working hard to fulfill your wishes and chase your dreams, but still sometimes I cannot help but miss you crazily.

You are a part of my life and I hold you very close to my heart. Today, when a saw a couple in the market walking holding hands, I really missed you a lot. Everything around me is torturing me with your memories, and I want to see you badly. No matter where I go or whatever I do, you are always within me. I really miss you every moment of my life.

All I wish for is to meet you as soon as possible. I feel blessed to have such a gift like you in my life. But I know that, we both have to struggle hard for making a stable and strong future and I hope that when the right time comes, we will never be apart anymore.

Hope to see you very soon.

With lots of love,

(Mention your name)


A Love Letter For Boyfriend For Long Distance Relationship Sample 10


Dearest (mention the name of the person),

It has been more than six months that you are living in another state. Whenever I go to bed to sleep, I want to see you in my dreams. 

I hope you are happy while pursuing your dreams to become very successful person in life. Here, I am also struggling to pass my days without you. But, do not worry about me, as your love and support for me is enough to give me the courage to perform my tasks perfectly.

These days, when you are not with me, sometimes I feel so lonely without you and also realize how much I love you. I remember all our memories of eating and laughing together. Your sweet memories still help me to go on.

I wish I have the power to make you come back to me very soon. I want you to know that I will always be praying for your success and happiness. 

Though I never said this before that, you are my life and I always dream of spending an eternity while holding your hand.

Hope to see you and shower you with my love very soon. Take care and please come soon.

Love you lots and lots,

(Mention your name)

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