Love Letter to Girlfriend: 15 Templates and Emails

Template: 1

Love Letter to Girlfriend

My Dear Love.

How are you, dear?  It’s been the last [mention number of days/months], and I have not been able to meet you. I am thinking about you every moment. I am away from you yet I think that you are always with me. Every now and then I feel your presence.  I believe that if there is true love then the distance really does not matter. I know that you are very much worried about me. In your every letter, I find that you are very much concerned about what I eat and drink. 

You must not worry about all these because I am constantly taking care of my health. I do have my food at right time on the hostel premises. I do not eat food from outside. I remember how you had been taking care of my health when I was suffering from jaundice and taking rest at home.

I enjoyed the fruit salads that you used to make for me. But I did not really like the medicines that you told to me take for my recovery. 

I miss the way you used to caress my forehead. Your presence had made me forget my sickness. Those moments had been really precious for me. I really miss your touch very much.  You are the source of life for me. Life is meaningless without you.  It is because of your love and care, I am fit and healthy. 

Very soon, I will be coming home and meeting you. I have also purchased a gift for you. I will give it to you once we meet each other. Indeed, there is no joy without you, dear!!

With love and kisses from

[Mention your name]

love letter to girlfriend

Template: 2

Appreciation love Letter to Girlfriend

My dearest Sweetheart,

I really love you the way you are. Your beauty fascinates me very much.  You are naturally beautiful with brown hair and brown eyes. It’s been over [mention the number of years] years we have been dating but I did not notice any change in you physically or mentally. When I had met you for the first time, it was not the physical beauty I had actually fallen for, but your nature and your voice had actually got hold of me. 

I had to come to meet my friend in your office then. I remember the way you greeted me. Though it was for professional reasons I had actually fallen for you the moment you spoke to me so sweetly.

I had realized that you have a beautiful heart and you had actually stolen my heart then.  I was actually looking for a way to meet you and then I planned to go for a lunch date with you one afternoon.

I told my friend to inform you to meet and have lunch with me. I remember the way you were dressed on that day, you were looking really pretty in a blue dress and with your wavy brown hair let loose.  You were quite shy then and sitting face to face with me in the restaurant.

It was a romantic moment as music was played behind and then I had asked you for a dance. I really cannot forget those beautiful moments. Dear [mention your girlfriend’s name], you are the best thing to happen to me in my life. I will love you forever.

With love and kisses from,

[Mention your name]

appreciation love letter to girlfriend

Template: 3

Love Letter for Girlfriend

My Darling [my girlfriend],

I am not finding the right words to express my feelings for you. I have been continuously missing you since the last week I came back to my hostel for my studies.  As you had accompanied me to the airport, I was not feeling like leaving you. I saw tears in your eyes and so I was also going through the same thing.

I did not want to leave your hands. I wanted to hold your beautiful and tender hands and kiss them. But as the announcement for the flight departure and then when I had to go away from you, I felt that my soul was leaving my body. You are my soul mate you are my life, you are my love. As I went far and far away into the flight and the plane started to take off, I could not see you actually from the window but I felt that you were waving at me. 

I just ask God every day and pray for the time when I will be forever with you. I pray for our marriage to happen soon and we will not part from one another anymore. Love, I am eagerly waiting to get my studies and find a suitable job. Dear, I am ready to do anything for you.

I know that staying away from one another may be difficult for both of us. But this time will also pass. God will reunite us soon and forever. I know that our families will rejoice in our union. Let’s hope for the best.

Missing very much!

Love you.

With love and hugs

[Mention your name]

love letter for girlfriend

Template: 4

Love Letter to My Girlfriend

My Dearest [mention girlfriend’s name],

I believe that this letter of mine finds you in pink of health and happiness. My love, you are the only one whom I feel close to. Ever since I met you, I could feel a strong connection between you and me. You are a true soul mate, true love. I find myself the luckiest man in this world. It is because your love and determination have actually helped me to stand on my feet. I could not have done anything without you. You have encouraged and motivated me to achieve what I had actually not expected it 

I remember the days when I was struggling very much and it is you who supported me with your positive thoughts and love. You brought some self-motivating books for me to study. I had lost hope at that point in time. But you were determined to see me happy.

You had started searching for my jobs and then as per your recommendation, I went to one of the offices and successfully pass the interview. This company was actually chosen by you. I do not know how to thank you for all these things that you had been doing unconditionally. But I know that a day I will be repaid in full by marrying you. I promise to keep you happy forever. 

I am very much confident that our love is so strong that not even death can part us from one another. You are a priceless gem with a beautiful face and soul. I want to love you forever and see you smiling always.

With Love and kisses from,

[Mention your name]

love letter to my girlfriend

Template: 5

Love Letter for Gf

My dear [mention the girlfriend’s name] 

You are the one for whom my heart beats so faster. Your presence actually takes me to the world of fantasy. Your aura makes me feel powerful. Ever since you had come into my life, I had come to realize my purpose in life. I have started discovering the new responsibilities that I will be fulfilling for you and with you. I foresee a life of love, romance, and togetherness.

It is my dream to get married to you and get settled in a big house and have children. I wish to buy a bungalow for you and furnish the house with the best furniture and give you the best jewelry. This is what I think that every normal man would see in his life. And so I am waiting for the grand wedding ceremony to happen. 

I am thankful for the love that you have given me every time, especially during the time; I had lost all the hopes in my life. I had lost the chance to study further. I could not study further. My father was no more and I had also lost my mother in childhood. It is you who gave me the strength and love to fight against all odds of life.

I know that whatever you have done for me, no one will be able to do it ever. But I commit to stand by you in every thick and thin of your life. I am ready to wash your tears and grief and take you in my arms and carry you to my house forever.

With Love and kisses from 

[Mention your name]

love letter for gf

Template: 6

Emotional Love Letter to Girlfriend

My Dearest Love,

I know that you love me more than my life and I do not know how I can express my gratitude for you. I just cannot believe how you could be so sweet and soft-hearted with me. It makes me feel like the most fortunate person on this Earth. You are just the one whom I was praying for and looking for in my life. Really, you are a beautiful girl with a golden heart. 

The memories are still in my mind of when we had actually met each other. You were looking so pretty in a pink gown and I could not take away my eyes from you. And you did not consider me as an unknown person; you were behaving with me in such a way as if we know each other for ages. And I did also realize that you are a wonderful person who is made only for me. 

I am grateful for whatever you have done for me. I enjoy spending time with you. I love the way we have fun together and also the time when we actually get very thoughtful for each other. I just do not know how to thank you for those beautiful moments that you have been spending with me. I would like to spend some more funny moments with you. Sometimes, I do get unnecessarily serious. But I will cherish for every moment we had been together.

The moment I see you, I become speechless, your presence create a magic. You are the heart and soul of my life.

With Love and kisses from your Loving 

[mention your name] 

emotional love letter to girlfriend

Template: 7

Best Love Letter of Gf

My Dearest Sweetheart,

I must tell you the truth that if you had not been in my life then my life would have been in darkness. I was completely shattered when I lost my job. You are the one who lifted me high up. You had stopped me to think that I am a loser. Instead, you helped me realize my potential and encouraged me to achieve the impossible.

With your extraordinary thinking ability, you have actually changed my life. I could not have asked for more than this. You are an angel sent for me by God. You are the treasure of my life who stood by me during the difficult times and I right now perplexed about whether I would be able to survive without you or not. 

You had me realize the meaning of love and also taught me the value of every relation. 

Dear love, you are part of me, we are actually made for each other. Without you, I cannot do anything. I am incomplete. Together, we are one soul. It is getting difficult for me to pass a single day without you. When we are together, I do not feel like leaving your beautiful hands, I always feel like cuddling you and kissing you. 

I promise that I will be with you in every good and bad time of life. I wish to marry you and settle down with you and have beautiful children. You are the queen of my life and I would like to fulfill your inner desires of life. 

From Your Lover 

[ mention your name]

best love letter of gf

Template: 8

I Love You Letter for Her

My Dear Love,

You are the best thing to happen to me. I could not have asked God for more. You have given me more than I had actually expected. All I need is your presence in my life. You must be there by my side for every moment. I had fallen for you the day we met each other. You were looking really gorgeous.

When you had stepped down the car to attend the wedding of our common friend, I had seen you and I felt that you are actually made for me. I believe that you also think of me in the same way. Whenever I meet you, I go speechless. It is your persona that plays a strong impact on me. Even in my spare time, you are the one who captures my thoughts. I really cannot explain the state of mind I have right now.

I cannot think of a single moment without you. I have been spending several sleepless nights. I just cannot feel like eating anything. I have stopped even going to my classes and doing my studies. But again, I want to spend my life with you and I also realize that love is also about bearing the responsibilities. I promise to make you happy in every respect. 

Dear love, our busy schedule is not letting us meet each other on regular basis, I promise that when we meet each other, we would make those moments precious. God has destined me to be with you and I know that our love will blossom with everlasting happiness. I love you very much!

From Your Loving

[mention your name]

i love you letter for her

Template: 9

Cute Love Letters for Her

My Sweetie,

I really cannot express the way I feel for you. You are the one whom I wanted from God.  When I met you in the hospital lying on the bed, I forgot the pain that I was going through due to my fractured feet. You remember right, I had an accident, I had fallen from the motorcycle, my friend might have told you. On that day, we were actually meeting for the first time, but I could make out that you were hiding those tears in your eyes.

I still cannot believe how could you feel for me at that point in time. It was our first meeting, right? Or have we ever met before? Perhaps, there might have been any connection in the past. I would have actually lost control of my life then if you had not visited me continuously for one month.

I remember the way you used to bring flowers for me. I have preserved those love notes that you used to bring along with those beautiful tulip flowers. It was your love and support that had actually helped me to recover soon. I did not even require a stick to walk. It was your encouragement that helped me to walk without making any extra effort. I have never seen you asking for anything in return. It makes my love go deeper for you. 

It is not only you have a beautiful face but you do have a beautiful soul. And therefore, I surrender my life to you!

With lots of love from 

[mention your name]

cute love letters for her

Template: 10

Cute Love Letters for Girlfriend

My Sweetest Darling,

I have never actually thought that I will get such a beautiful girlfriend like you. You have actually made my life like a fairytale. In fact, you are the best thing to happen in my life. To tell you honestly, I had never realized the value and meaning of love before actually meeting you. It is you who have shown me the path of love with caring and sharing.

Otherwise, I was quite alone in my life. I did not have friends. I did not have actually anyone to talk to. As my father is rich, so, I felt that everyone is there for only money. It is you who made me realize my worth.

It is you who inspired me to do something different from others. Your intelligence and wisdom have actually won my heart and soul. I really cannot do anything without you. You have given me more than I had ever expected. In return, you have never asked anything more from me, you wanted only love from me. 

But, you must tell me, dear, do you find me capable to love you and fulfilling your dreams?  You must be honest about it. You must actually express your feelings for me. I will try to do as much as I am capable of. You know dear, every time, I see you; I actually get charged with positive things. I feel like doing something different that no other lover has actually done for his girl. You are the only hope and treasure of my life. 

I love you from the bottom of my heart!

With Love From 

[Mention your name] 

cute love letters for girlfriend

Template: 11

Good Morning Love Letter for Her Long Distance

My Sweetest Pie,

It has been such a long time we are not in touch with one another. Perhaps, it’s more than a fortnight, I have not heard anything from you also there has been a delay on my part to write down a letter to know how exactly you are doing these days. Over here s the sun rays peeping through my room’s window and brightening up with its freshness, I am actually getting a fresh lease of energy to write down the letter to you.

I believe that you will surely read this letter of mine in the early morning hours and a cool breeze is blowing through your hair and making you look prettier than ever. I wish you a Happy Good Morning and may your coming days glow like beautiful sunshine. I desire to be with you. 

I am really thankful for every moment that you have shared with me and so I want to spend my entire life with you. You have been the sunshine of my life and I would have been actually suffering in darkness without you. Your presence in my life has actually realized my worth as a lover. Now I want to do something better for you. I would like to bring all the happiness that you actually deserve. 

The last time when we met each other, you were actually crying at a point in time.  But I told you that this long distance will not take away or fade our love, instead, it will help in growing love.

Don’t you find that how it is turning out to be so true? So, this time, when I meet you, I do not want to see any teardrop! God is great! He will surely do something to unite us forever.

With Loads of Love and Kisses From

[Mention your name],

good morning love letter for her long distance

Template: 12

Sweet Love Letter for Her

Dearest Sweetheart,

You are the true love of my life. The day I met you on the premises of a college, I had actually fallen for you. You are the best pal in my life. It is not only your beautiful face that keeps haunting me day and night; it is also your pure heart that has actually captured my thoughts.

You are the queen who reigns in my heart. I do not have anyone other than you. I do not want anyone in my life also. Leaving apart from helping me in my studies, you had always been there for me at every stage of my life. 

I know that you have unconditionally loved with your heart and soul for [mention the number of years]. In this short letter, I will not be able to describe each and every moment that we had actually shared with each other in happiness and sadness, but I can only say that you had actually taught me the meaning of love.  It is all because of you; I am alive and going ahead in my career. You have been the true inspiration of my life.

You have proved in every stage that true love exists and I owe you for it. You are the ultimate source of happiness, the center of everything; I am ready to give up anything for you.  My success and money are nothing in front of you.

You are the biggest treasure of my life. Even with all my money and successful career, I stand unworthy of you. But I see that your love is increasing day by day. You have not asked me anything more than love.

But I surrender myself to you, dear love.

From Your Loving,

[Mention your name] 

sweet love letter for her

Template: 13

Sweet Love Letter for Her

Dear Love, 

My feelings for you are actually growing day by day. In fact, my heart starts beating faster, and also blood running through my veins faster than ever the moment I look into your beautiful eyes. It is a real surprise for me as I find my feelings growing so deeper for you. As we have been meeting each other in all these months/ years, I am discovering that we are truly in love with each other.

Your presence in my life has actually made me feel special to you. Our bonding creates magic and I would like to sacrifice everything to keep the magic forever. When you are not there with me, I feel that a part of me is actually missing. It is because you are my better half. Together we make one. I always miss your romantic kisses and your tender touches. These things make me alive and feel like a king on this Earth. 

I really long for you and cannot keep myself holding back any further. I would want to be with you always and give you the best things in life. I would like to give everything of mine to get your heavenly love and care. You make every moment special and that makes me discover the real happiness of life.

I do not want to hurt you ever in my life. I also promise not to bring tears to your eyes. You are my golden girl, my queen of heart. I pray to God to make our love last till eternity.

With Love and kisses from 

You’re Loving 

[Mention your name]

sweet love letter for her

Template: 14

Sweetest Love Letter for Her

My Dearest Honey,

As I look up to the rising sun every morning, it is your face that strikes my mind. It is because you are the real sunshine of my life. I really love you for what you are. I must actually confess that you have made my life brighter or Golden as the rising Sun.

I am waiting for the moment when we will be making vows for one another on the altar and in front of Holy Trinity and our near and dear ones.

It is not your external beauty that had drawn me closer to you; it is the way you are that I had actually fallen for. Your simplicity and dedication for whatever you do. I have also noticed that how you are actually loved by your parents and also your relatives and friends. Actually, you bring happiness in everyone’s heart and that’s another reason that I have fallen for you. And I am destined to be with you forever.

You are the strength of my life and with your support and wisdom; I am finding new ways to handle all the challenges of life. Therefore, I want you always with me and am on the top of the world. I wish to grow in love with you and make every moment joyous with you.

As you might know that how love is food of life and you are the one who have brought this food for me and kept me alive. You have always comforted me with your loving words and care, so I promise to keep you happy and smiling forever. 

From your loving 

[Mention your name]

sweetest love letter for her

Template: 15

Love Letter Ideas for Girlfriend

My Dearest Queen,

I am really missing you at the moment. It has been a long time that I had actually written any letter to you. Nearly a month has passed by and I know that you have been very disappointed with me. I am really sorry for this and I know that I have also broken your promise of writing a letter at least once a week. I can understand very well about how you are actually going through at the moment.

You are feeling neglected of course. But I promise to make up for everything from now on. Now, you will again think that I will break your promise this time. But it will not happen. 

I will be coming very soon to meet you in my next vacation. I am indeed pretty tired and bored with the studies and exams over here. I was very busy preparing for them. But I was missing you at the same time. You know dear, you have given me lot of good things and that is the reason I am actually doing good in my studies.

Without your support, I would have been nowhere. I must appreciate you for the way you have been actually tolerating me. Whenever I am with you, I keep on talking and you listen to me quietly. You have so much of patience.

Therefore, I want to be with you always in my life.  I am really lucky to have a girl like you. I wish to marry you for sure!

With Love and Kisses 


[Mention your name]

love letter ideas for girlfriend

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