Love Letter Template To Thank Her Existence

love letter Love Letter Template To Thank Her Existence

Love Letter Template To Thank Her Existence

For a normal human being, there are many reasons to live life, but for a human being as in a lover, the most critical aspect is the existence of his/her loved ones. As is rightly said that love cannot be measured and there are several ways to express love, a love letter is one of those formats where you as a human can pen down all your emotions thanking your partner for existing in your life. 

A Love Letter To Thank Her Existence

Dear “Name of your Love”

It’s now been a while since we both are together. This couple of years with you has been so beautiful. We have shared moments of joy, happiness, and to be honest, they were nothing but love. I take this moment to thank you for existing and making it into my life. I still remember the first day we both met, and we almost had talked for 3hrs or so. We both were smiling and laughing like anything, and from that day, I found my love. From there on, it’s all been us. 

You have supported me in each step of my life. The walk of this compound word named life seems so very easy when you are near, and we are together. I find thousands of reasons to owe a big thank you to you and to express my love for you every day. It’s been a while since I was trying to express this feeling of mine to you, but I was not able to do so. So I decided to pen down all my feelings to you through this letter. It’s so magical that you came and changed my aspect of life. Thank you for existing and lots of love to you. 


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