Love Letter Template For Taking My Breath Away

love letter Love Letter Template For Taking My Breath Away

Love Letter Template For Taking My Breath Away

I know it may sound a bit cheezy and a bit creepy but admit it there is something special in our loved ones. It doesn’t matter whether it is a boy or a girl. Their presence near us always gives us a feeling of love which cannot be expressed in words.

We notice too many things in our loved ones whether it be their talking style, their small and cute childish act, and their foolish act but still, we all are going to like it.

A Love Letter For Taking My Breath Away

Dear “Name of your loved one.”

I don’t know whether you remember or not, but we were on the same train and heading toward our destination. I saw you there for the first time when you were busy with your novel. I still remember you were in a blue and white crop top with rectangular specs and open hair, and yes, at that moment, only you take every ounce of my love from mine. It seems that you had taken every beautiful breath from me.

Though we were strangers, I don’t know where I have plucked up, and I started a conversation with you. Yes, it seems that you are also a bit attracted to me, which is a good sign for me. Slowly we stared to hangout, and the understanding between us was quite good enough. Its almost 4-5 months.

We are good friends, and I want you in my life as my life partner. I was a bit scared and nervous at the beginning because I don’t have any idea whether you have the same feeling for me or not. 

So, I decided to express my feeling for you there were millions of thoughts in my mind all negative and positive but somehow I gained courage and now I am writing this to you.


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