A Love Letter For Sister Who Betrayed Me

Love is the only way that I thought of expressing this to you, my sister. It’s tough on my part to forget everything and share my feelings for you openly. I still feel you had a better option rather than betraying me over the past couple of days.

A love letter To my sister who betrayed me 

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Dear “Name of your Sister”

Sadly, you did this to me, but still, then my love for you is no less. We had no talks from that day, but I feel that we should keep that matter aside and should reunite again.

Over the years after the way you betrayed me, I realized that I shouldn’t have been that strict with you.

I sometimes feel emotional when I think about our childhood memories, and it feels that those happy moments were the best moment of my life. For that reason, I thought of expressing all my love and emotion to you in this letter. 

I sometimes miss our pranks, and even I miss you more. You were the most beautiful gift that I had, and now that we do not have any talks, I feel sad. It’s almost like my life is incomplete without you, and I think we should reunite and love each other again.

In the past couple of days, I thought of calling you and expressing all the love and emotions that I had for you, but I found it too difficult to do so. I hope you would like this letter of love by my side and we would reunite again. 


(your name)

love letter for sister

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