A Love Letter For Sister On Her Wedding Anniversary

Anniversary is a way to celebrate love. And love is the best feeling one could ever have. My dear sister, I would like to take down this moment to wish you a happy wedding anniversary. I want to share all my love and blessings for you both through the help of this letter. 

A love letter For sister on her wedding anniversary 

Dear “Name of your Sister”

I want to congratulate you and your husband on completing one year of your wedding. I know it’s been an incredible journey for you both, and it surely deserves a big celebration. It feels great that you both have managed such a beautiful trip together. I know that it’s tough to get along a new family, and I am so proud that you could work it very well.

I still remember when you used to be successful in any of your exams, we would grandly celebrate that. I hope you both also do the same. 

As I am out for my job, it feels terrible that I couldn’t be a part of your happiness. But no matter what, my love and blessings are always there for you, and it is a proud moment for me that you and your husband are leading a happy life. I know you both must have found it a bit difficult initially, but it’s great to see the way you managed. I felt that this letter would be the best way to send my love and blessings to you.

I am missing you a lot, and we would surely meet soon. I hope this day brings more happiness, joy, and love for you both. I am sending all my passion through this letter. 


(your name)

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