A Love Letter For Sister When She Topped Her Exam

The feeling of love for yours generally grows when you seek to do anything for your family members. I take down this moment to congratulate you, my sister, with all my heart for doing so much hard work and securing the best grades in your examination.

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A letter for Sister When She Topped Her Exam

Dear “Name of your sister”

I am a proud brother sharing all my feelings for you through the help of this letter. Although I am not there, I know you must have been emotional and happy viewing your results.

I have seen you working hard every day, and it seems, and it is a proud moment for our whole family that you have topped your 10th board examination. I know that must be missing me, but I assure you that we would have a lot of celebrations for your success when I return during the puja holidays.

It’s a dream for every student to secure good marks, and to you having that milestone achieved, it is a proud moment for me. 

I am thrilled that you have passed your examinations with such excellent marks, and I would be sending a small token of love from my side shortly. I know it’s relatively early to decide, but I would request you to plan and think about your higher studies and appear in all the entrance examinations.

Now I want you to celebrate your success with the whole family, and I am sending all my love and blessing to you with the help of this letter. Since I am not there with you, I am sending all my prayers for you through this letter—lots of good wishes and love for you. 


(your name) 

 letter for sister when she topped her exam

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