A Love Letter For Sister Who Hates Me

Many times there come huge bumps in a relationship. Many people can sort those out within themselves while many want to sort them but fall short. A letter of love can again do the magic to do what the great efforts couldn’t do. It comes in use there even.

A Love Letter For Sister Who Hates me

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Dear “Name of your Love”  

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health, and I hope this letter also finds acceptance from you. You are a lovely piece of my heart, which I cannot do without. I always feel your absence. I never knew that one incident would be so strong between us to question our bond at once; neither do I want that to happen any day.

I don’t even want to pen those reasons, which pushed us to this point today. I want you to know and know totally that your brother loves you wholeheartedly. 

You are a very precious gem in my life. I still cherish those moments when we used to play together and get things broken. The next moment mom would make an excellent class of us, but we both would gulp it because we shared it.

These little moments always cheer my mind all way up. But the fact that we are so distant apart with our bond is not acceptable to me so quickly. I know you are upset with me, but I even know my sister cannot hate me back. Let us not drag this longer, come back to me.

No one can take your place in my life and my heart. I want you back to complete the broken pieces in my life. On my part, I apologize to you for anything that remains. Come back; I love you.


 love letter for sister who hates me

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