A Love Letter For Sister For Caring Me

love letter A Love Letter For Sister For Caring Me

A Love Letter For Sister For Caring Me

The love between siblings happens with either of them realizing it. It goes on growing; attachment gets more muscular, even then they don’t get to know. That is an example of unconditional love. Expressing love through little letters are joyous is heartwarming.

A Love Letter For Sister For Caring Me

Dear “the name of your sister”,

You have loved me and never let me realize it. You have cared for me unconditionally. Be it saving me from the scolding by mom and dad, or be it keeping me from being punished at school or saving me by hiding my mischief. The best part was when you used to hide all my misconduct from everyone, and later you used to school me for those all by yourself.

You brought it to me that hiding the mischief is a more significant mistake than committing that. It is all because of you that I could learn from my mistakes. Else I would never have been able to rectify myself any day.

Your care for me has got no boundaries. Saving the last two bites of chocolates for me, holding a packet of chips for me, at the dining table, you would first look into the container how much curry is left and only then you would take for yourself after saving some for me. I value them a lot, I do. I cannot pay you back any day how much you have done for me. The bond which we share is truly one of purest.

No one has taught us to love each other the way we do, but it just happened between us and kept growing. What better gift can someone be blessed to have. I love you with all my heart.


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