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Love Letter to Sister Who Broke My Heart: 4 Templates

A love letter can perfectly serve the purpose of mending a broken relationship too. It is an open base to express the unsaid or maybe those which cannot be expressed openly. It is always not to leave things upset, instead keep the items clear with one another. 

A Love Letter To confess I can’t stop loving her

Dear “Name of your sister”  

For how long would we stay upset with each other, this doesn’t suit us. Yes, I am upset with you, for I never expected you to treat me that way. I felt heartbroken and left alone there. You should know that I wish so much from you because I do love you that much.

You have always been by my side, you have always understood me as no one else could, but I felt like you have left me all alone at that incident. 

Whatever might be the situation, know that I cannot hate you. I might be upset with you, but I will never want to go away from you. Neither would it be acceptable to me for it to happen from your side. Any matter cannot have so much strength to surpass the ones we hold in our bond. You are precious to me, and you will always remain so.

In our childhood, we were one of most fighting kids; we fought a lot. But there was something between us that if that fight I went to cry, you would leave all the war beside and give me a tight hug and console me. The same would happen on my part too. Now that we are grown up, so what? We are the same. I need you all in my life. Come, let us finish this up.


A love letter to sister who broke my heart

Dear [mention the first name of the sister],

My sweet little sister I cannot stop loving you, even though you have broken my heart with what you have done. I never expected this from you, as you have always behaved in a very mature manner know what the situation.

Your actions have brought shame to our family and has damaged our family’s reputation in the society. You were the most responsible person in the family and we all expected a lot from, but never in our wildest dreams did we expected this from you.

You were the honor of family and now you have ruined it all. But all said and done we still love and care for you. As it is said one can never leave family.

We would always be there for you no matter what the situation is and would always stand by your side and support you through anything and everything. I hope that, now that you have understood your mistake you whole-heartedly focus on making things right so that everyone can be proud of you again and make sure that you never give anyone any other chance to have any doubt regarding you.


[Mention the first name of the sender]

A Love Letter To Sister Who Broke My Heart

Dear [mention the first name of the sister]

I had asked you to do just this one thing for me and you could not even do that for me. I had told you how important this was for me and you being my close sister I wanted you be there.

You cannot begin to imagine how disheartened I felt not seeing your face. Both of us had worked so hard for this and now that I have achieved it you are not there at my side to celebrate this with me.

But even still I cannot be upset with you to that extent as you have always supported me through thick and thin and never let me rest on my morals. Your continue push has what made it possible for me to achieve this.

So even though I am still very angry at you I cannot stop loving you as you are also the biggest reason for my success. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and want to tell you that no matter what I will always love you.

Come back soon, so that we can celebrate this together with our entire family.


[Mention the first name of the sender]

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